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Qss 3502G


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QSS3501i, QSS3501, QSS3502 were released 2006
QSS3501i PLUS, QSS3501 PLUS , QSS3502 PLUS, LP7000, LP7100, LP7200 were released 2007

At the beginning Noritsu direct Green laser head used on QSS3704G, QSS3705G. These models released 2015.
Later this laser head used on QSS3800G and QSS3801G. These models released 2016.
Only after that released QSS3502G PLUS.

Do not know, which year released QSS3502 PLUS exactly, but this model Noritsu added on system software version 17. Other models with G added on version 15.  
There are system software versions 15.00, 16.10, 17.00, 18.00, 19.00 and 19.30 . 
That means QSS3502 PLUS released about 2018.

QSS3502G PLUS has not AOM crystal and AOM driver. Only one difference between QSS3502 PLUS and QSS3502G PLUS - direct modulation Green laser head. All other parts are the same. That means here is minilab, which was designed 2005 and just made 13 years later. Noritsu in China has factory. Might be this QSS3502G PLUS made there.

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8 hours ago, davidlam said:

China made QSS model name always has a "s" suffix  in their model name

There are QSS suppliers in China importing used QSS from Japan and sell worldwide

Thank you guys for the detailed information.

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