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Chemical change for FujiFrontier LP 7200 - Questions

Liviu Georgescu

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Hello, I need to change the chemicals in my lab so I never done this nor watch somebody do it. The lab in questions is a Noritsu with Fuji clothes, LP7200. I am familiar with cleaning a the racks for example, but I do not know nor found a procedure about this, not even in the service manuals. So under this conditions, can anybody be so kind and provide me with some information? Except releasing the valves to pour out chemicals, what else I a msuposed to do? I saw in the menu that I have an option to eject the/retract the claws in the chemistry pack, I want to replace that one also. As I udnerstood frome Dave S I think, the replenisher tank must be emptied by asking the pump to output again and a gain. But How am I supposed to clean all tanks and Pipes? After I poor out al lthe chemicals is it ok to put water a couple of times and draint it? Is  it enough to clean it? 

If anybody wants to help me with some tips about this procedure I would be in his debt. Also if anybody know this lab and can/wants to assist me step by step I am willign to pay for his trouble. I never done this and I need to do it right.

ANother question would be about the chemistry. Some guys said the lab is using same chemistry as Frontier 550 series, other said it is different because it is a noritsu. As an example, I attached the instructions of the kit to this topic. The seller said it maches the 550 Fujifilm, same chemical and same quantity, 11 liters. I do trust him, but I want to make sure, another tehnician said that the chemical for Noritsu, as stated above, is different. 

Thank you!

Start-Up Kit Universal Calbe.Pdf-8005-.pdf

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This shows you how to drain all the tanks.

The procedure to replace the replenisher is in the service manual. Look up "Procedure 1 to recover from the replenishment error"

It's a Fuji branded machine so it will use the same chemistry as a Fuji machine.

drain tanks.jpg

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Aha, thank you for your answer, i'll lok in the service manual. Except cleaning racks is there anything else I must do to ensure the new substance won't get contaminated? Like putting 2-3 fills of plain water (or other substance) and drain them for the tanks to get cleaned a little or anything else? 

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Fill the tanks up with water and turn on the machine to get the pumps to circulate for 10 minutes, drain and fill with chemistry. Once should be enough, if you have any doubts repeat the process. 2 fills will be more than enough to clean out everything.

There should not be any kind of contamination in the replenisher tanks, you can fill them with some water from the drain down pipe using a funnel, then operate the rep pumps to flush out the old chemistry in the pipes.

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