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Kodak Apex 7000 printer print issue


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Hi, I'm having an issue with my Kodak 7000 printer. It ran out of ribbon and I replaced with a new ribbon and paper. When it printed the order I noticed that every other photo had a blue line on them. I checked the ribbon and noticed that there was a blue line on the clear part of the ribbon. Looked like the blue had some how printed onto the ribbon. I tried another ribbon with the same issue. I have attached photos.

I also noticed that there were parts of previous ribbons wrapped around the black wheel that the ribbon sits on. I removed them this morning but still have the issue but not as bad. Photos look like a little of the top layer has been removed. 

Any help would be great. Thanks Paul


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Turn off the printer and clean it. Also clean the head, its roller and the fan well. You can use alcohol and compressed air. Is the kit that you are using new? Was it well preserved?

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Hi Kmit,

Thanks for info. Cleaned the inside of the printer, rollers etc but still getting the same issue. Kit is brand new which I got from the supplier a week ago. I'm thinking it could be a timing issue. It's strange the way the printer puts the blue on the print and on the clear part of the ribbon.


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