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PA: Paper length measuring error RHS


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Hello everyone,

I have a dlab.1 which is giving me this error "PA: Paper length measuring error RHS" (ERPAMGDR0003 / 5514513).

The repair manual says:


The diameter of the RH paper roll cannot be determined.
Service engineer:
Check MFLS01, PCLS01, MDMC02

I have checked MDMC02 which is the "Clutch for paper diameter measurement (right)".
In the service functions, I can activate "paper transport in right magazine" and then if I set that clutch to OFF or ON, it moves or stops depending on the setting.

I have checked PCLS01 which is "paper detection at cutter (right)".
In the service functions if I request a permanent device report, I can see the sensor turn ON or OFF by passing a paper there by hand.


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Posted (edited)

 I have checked MFLS01 which is "Paper detection between RH magazine and cutter", again using the permanent device report and passing paper by hand, and it shows ON and OFF like it should.

If I keep the printer door open I can see during the measurement that some paper does go onto the exposure table but then it returns. Here's a video of it: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Ah0OkJfAi0EMWZ-Gppwbdg7lnPmK6rX5

These are the logs of the status of the aforementioned sensors and other commands sent during the measurement:

answer PA RDPAPCLS01OFF  # no paper at cutter
answer PA RDPAMFLS01OFF  # no paper at main frame
answer PA RDPAMFLS01ONN  # paper enters main frame
answer PA RDPAPCLS01ONN  # paper enters cutter
answer PA DMMdSensor Count 0000
answer PA DMREWIND_STRT_R 0000
answer PA RDPAPCLS01OFF  # no paper at cutter
answer PA DMREWIND_END 0000
answer PA RDPAMFLS01OFF  # no paper at main frame
answer PA RCPAMGDR0003-
answer PA ERPAMGDR0003+  # the error code

I am a bit suspicious of "DMMdSensor Count 0000", since it is the last thing before it sends the rewind command, and perhaps it should not be 0.
But I can't find any information about it.

Any ideas as to what may be wrong? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Posted (edited)

Regarding the error above the manual does not say to check this, but I found another sensor that has "diameter" mentioned in its description.
PAVCCN01 on the table and written as PAPCCN01 on the diagram.


Judging from the commands, it seems PAVCCN01/PAPCCN01 is "Detection of RH cutter unit" in the service functions ( https://imgur.com/a/TrtG0df )
It gives me ON status on the device report.

However, I can't find where it is physically so I could check it: https://imgur.com/a/UgOM6oL
It is supposed to be under PCLS07, but I don't see anything there. Looking at the spare parts diagrams didn't help either.

Not sure if this sensor is related to my problem at all though.

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