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The scanner makes a loud noise. (HS1800)


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I am testing the HS1800 scanner.

I hear a loud noise from the first operation after receiving this scanner. The seller says there's no problem because it's from the fan, but I don't think so.

Please let me know what the problem is and how to solve this terrible noise.

And I have one more question.

When scanning, the border line is left thin next to the image.
Even if I get the scan position as much as I can, I get a black line, how can I make this border invisible?

I'm sorry to ask you a very rudimentary question, but I'd appreciate it if you could give me information with a broad mind.


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I040410-00 is the Noritsu part no. of 24Vdc quiet fan used in HS-1800 scanner. Two of them I remember...

Fan price is dearer than other same sizes 24Vdc fan of different Noritsu part nos.       8 x 8 x 2.5 cm

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1 minute ago, davidlam said:

from our photo.. I saw your scanner is a [ "S4" upgraded to HS-  scanner  ]

Yes, that's right. The case is S4, but the internal parts and substrates were assembled the same as HS1800.

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In most cases noise is from scanner box fans. Two fans there. They always rotate. If want to test them can disconnect connectors.

Two small fans are beside LED light unit. They can be noise, but it is rare. These fan's can be tested Output check - LED Light Source Unit - LED Cooling Fan

You can use any fan which has the same voltage, dimensions and flow. Just need mount the same flow direction. Connector need cut off with wires and connect to new fan.

Black line can correct on film carrier menu. Open film carrier unit adjustment. There is film position correction. Now there is 0 and you can add values with - , or + .

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The only thing in the scanner that can make a noise like that are the 2 fans on the back cover.

For the black line try going in to Maintenance, Film Carrier Unit Adjustment, Adjustment, Scan Position Auto Correction. Use a colour negative film with good frames on it for the adjustment. You can also put a manual correction value into the Scan Position Correction if required.

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Thank you so much to those who answered. I'm setting it up in the menu. I think there will be good results soon.

The noise was caused by the aging of the fan bearing. Fortunately, the seller decided to replace this part.

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