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Kodak Apex+/KPK+ v11 and the i1220 Rapid Print Scanner

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  I've recently updated my Apex and Kiosk to v11 from v8, and now neither machine offers scanning from the Kodak i1220 Rapid Print Scanners. Previously, these scanners were enabled by default but this seems to have changed. 

  I checked and the scanner appears just fine in the Windows device manager (driver is found, loaded and working). 

  Is there anyone out there who has their i1220 RPS working with v11 APEX+/KPK+, if so, how did you get it to work? Is there an enabler for this scanner?

Thanks in advance for any help you can offer!


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These are the models compatible with the software Apex Kpex + v 11.0<<<<<<<

PS7 EPSON Perfection 1660

PS8 EPSON Perfection 2400

PS9 EPSON Perfection

PS10 EPSON Perfection

PS11 EPSON Perfection V100

PS12 MicroTek

PS13 EPSON V19 1041C Functionality in KPEX+ v7.1

PAKON KODAK F135 PLUS film scanner only with 7 32 bit

KODAK Rapid Print Scanner I KODAK Alaris 

KODAK Rapid Print Scanner II KODAK Alaris 

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>> These are the models compatible with the software Apex Kpex + v 11.0

Hi Kmit,

  Thanks so much for getting back to me with this information. I had suspected the i1220 and 'older' legacy hardware may have been dropped by Kodak Alaris with their new updates. Same goes for the G4 receipt printer it seems.

  Is there a definitive list somewhere of all currently supported hardware on either a KPK+ or APEX+ systems from v11 onwards? Receipt printers, barcode scanners, camera card readers, even non-Kodak printers such as the legacy Canon and Epson poster printers...?

  Are there some devices only supported on APEX+ OR on KPK+ (not on both)?

  Would be great if we could get this thread or a page on these forums with current info, so anyone like me needing to upgrade parts of their older systems can search for options with confidence.

Thanks again,


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All Kodak products are still supported although some are discontinued (8800/605/805 ...).

Each hardware is compatible with its software. If you have a G4,G4xl and Apex pc23/26 the version Apex/Kpex 11 officially cannot be installed for example.

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Posted (edited)

Strange thing is, looking through the APEX+/KPK+ hard disks, the scanner is mentioned many times and even has an "enable Kodaki12xxScanner" option. There are driver files and even .swf animations to prompt the user how to insert photos or remove a jam from the i1220. The enabler also mentions it disables the RapidPrintScannerII as both can't co-exist.

Once this is run, a new setting appears in the system to allow input from "Rapid Print Scanner". Neither KPK+ not APEX offer the option of rapid scan input though.

The legacy G4's receipt printer (also disabled by default) works flawlessly now with a simple 'enable ReceiptPrinter'.

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