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QSF-T15 ready lamp doesn't work


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The "ready lamp" in my T15 has never worked (neither red nor green), so I was wondering what the best way to test it is? There's 3 wires, so I assume a common ground and simply +24V each for red and green? The wiring seems OK (continuity wise), so I guess first thing is to test the LED PCB with +24V? Is it common for these to fail? It's obviously not a big deal, but would be nice to have it working.

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I have confirmed via output check that the RED lamp does in fact work (although I've never seen it come on except when doing the output check), but the GREEN lamp doesn't even work in output check. I think I'll remove the LED PCB and see if a green LED has failed (I assume they're connected in series).

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Ready lamp ( LED pcb with green and red leds ) connected to power pcb2 - connector J/P52. Check voltages on LED pcb connector J/P118. On pin 3 should be 24V. Pin 1 and pin2 - LED control circuit. If here 0V ( connected to ground ) then one of colors should ON. 

Check LED power supply ( 24V ) . If have - from output check run LEDs . If control circuit works on pin1, or pin 2 should be about 0V.
To test LED pcb you can connect pin1, or pin2 to ground and lamp should be light. 

If control circuit doesn't work check connectors J/P118 ( LED board connector ) , J/P52 and J/P89 ( connectors on power pcb2 ) and J/P10 ( on main control pcb ) . If lamp works, connection is good but doesn't work then faulty power pcb2 , or main control pcb.

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