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Minilab Frontier 370, photos have blue-ish blacks and how to compensate for expired paper


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Hello, I have an issue with my Frontier 370 printer, when using a certain roll of 15.2cm paper the printed photos (and color upkeep tests) have dark blue tones where black would have to be; other colors seem to be fine
Performing print condition setup does not improve the color situation, it stays the same
It cannot be an AOM problem or chemical problem since it only occurs on this specific roll of paper, therefore I think it's an issue with the paper having expired.
The thing is, unfortunately replacing that roll is not an option, so I would like to kindly ask for help regarding if there is a way to compensate for it with some kind of post-process editing in ms01 or something like that


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Black is fully fogged paper processed by chemicals. Remove part of paper and bring magazine to day light. Then return paper into magazine. Put magazine into minilab and print any photo. Then you see which maximal black you can get.

If color is not black enough you temporary can increase CD temperature. Might be it will be enough to reach black color on bad paper. When finish this paper - return standard temperature.


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Thank you so much for your answer!! I see you everywhere around this forum and you've been of great help for us haha, thank you for contributing so much! ♥️
I see, so what is exactly CD temperature and how do I modify that in maintenance menu?
Also, another question, does this decrease or affect in any way the laser's lifespan? are there any risks?

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Yes, increase CD temperature on maintenance menu. CD will be more active and you can get better black color. When you finish expired paper - return temperature settings to standard.

If on your expired paper can't get white then you can't do anything. White depends only on paper. On expired paper white can be grey, pink, or yellow. Nothing to do with it. Just can print as is.

CD ( color developer ) temperature increase will not effect laser. No any risks.

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