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Noritsu 3213 Arm Unit 1 Error Message


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Recently I have been getting an arm unit 1 error from my Noritsu 3213. The machine makes a weird noise now when I try to print followed by an “arm unit 1 error”. The weird sound is coming from the area that I have pointed in the photo below. 

If anybody had this problem before suggestions will be helpful. 

best regards 




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The Arm Unit 1 is below this next to Magazine B. It's the black arm that moves up and down.

Try doing the paper sensor calibration, in Menu, Extension, Maintenance, Printer Mechanical Adjustment, Paper Sensor Adjustment, F Functions, Paper Sensor LED Light Intensity Adjustment

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You are correct, that arm unit gets stuck and doesn’t go up and down smoothly like it used to. Any suggestions what caused that? Goes up but gets stuck while it’s up. 

could it be just a pulley or motor? 

Best regards 


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It sounds like the motors are not being driven properly.

My guess is the PM driver chips are damaged on the  PRINTER I/O PCB2 J391256 (the PCB is on the back of the loading unit)

This PCB can get damaged if you pull the unit out with a magnet on the door sensors.

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