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V30 Dead Power board?


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I recently moved my lab to a new shop and the power at my new shop is at 210 volts. I was unaware that I had to swap the jumper inside the machine. After running for about 2 weeks my working tank heaters are no longer turning on. After some after some diagnosing it looks like it's an issue with the power board 1. After a full system restart occasionally the relay will kick on to send the voltage to the heaters but turns off after about 10 seconds. I'm at a bit of a loss wondering if anyone had any recommendations or schematics for the power board. Or have working power board they're looking to sell.
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30 minutes ago, Dave S said:

Do you have any error messages?

In Input check, Processor, what does it show for the Pump Circulation, and for the Solution Level Sensors?

No error messages. I will check the the other when I get back to my lab i will update with that

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