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Fuji frontier 390


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Heeeelp. How about I have a frontier 390 and suddenly I started to appear both on the exposed paper and on the virgin paper. It is well marked cyan. but it seems very strange to me that he also does it on virgin paper

Diseño sin título_20240530_162717_0000.jpg

Diseño sin título_20240530_162644_0000.jpg

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I see first this line is brighter and then it disappear. It looks like Cyan emulsion damage in the processor. Do you have this line on leading edge? 
Thy rotate image 180 degrees and print again. Look this line is on the same side, or other.

On forum is post, where similar cyan lines were on Noritsu QSS3301. There changed turn rack, which is between CD and BF. After that this cyan line disappeared,.

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