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Noritsu 3801G Laser Issue, White lines on prints


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We have a Noritsu 3801G and for the past month or two we have been getting these white lines on prints. It isn't always a solid line but more of a dispursed line. It shows up on browns and greys. We have cleaned the machine, rollers and guide plates and had the machine serviced. We believe that this may be dust in the laser. I am looking for advice on do people belive this could be dust on the laser or is there any other ideas we can try. 


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Unless the laser has been recently opened, I can't see how any dust could have suddenly got inside it.

Have you cleaned the outside of the glass window of the laser? Shine a torch on it to make sure the glass is perfectly clean.

With so many lines I'm more inclined to think it is happening in the wet section. Check the condition of the rollers and lower turn belts on the CD and BF racks, including the No.1, 2 and 3 crossover rollers.

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I agree with Dave, start where he recommended - this looks like a processing issue. Check crossover rolls and bushings/springs. If developer is not getting shed very well before going into the blix I could imagine something like this happening. The lines look like they might correspond with the ribs on rack rollers, or if you have ribbed crossover rollers. 

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