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QSS3701 7's part


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hello everyone.

Thank you in advance for your continued help.

I am posting this to get information on part 7 of the QSS3701.

It's old and needs to be replaced.Does anyone know the part  number or model?




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On 2024. 6. 1. at 오후 3시 27분, davidlam said:

노리츠 부품번호 D006710-00 스퀴즈 랙(#7) 플라스틱 본체 프레임,,, 롤러, 부싱 및 기어 없음

D006710-00은 오래 전에 (구 부품 번호 D003891-00)을 대체합니다.

The plastic rack does not need to be replaced.

There are a total of 4 rollers, 2 are different, and I would like to replace the rollers. Can you tell me the models of the two rollers?

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QSS3701 ( not HD ) with standard replenishment has processor PP-1213G2 .

PP-1213G2 turn rack no 7 assembly ( all parts ) has part number Z026047-01 .

If want replace only rollers then need A087420-00 ( 2 pcs ) , A087421-00 and A087422-00 .

Turn rack assembly, or rollers can buy original ( made in India, or China ) , or original ( from Noritsu ) .

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5 hours ago, Minilab service said:

표준 보충 기능이 있는 QSS3701(HD 아님)에는 프로세서 PP-1213G2가 있습니다.

PP-1213G2 회전 랙 7번 조립(모든 부품)에는 부품 번호 Z026047-01이 있습니다.

롤러만 교체하려면 A087420-00(2개), A087421-00 및 A087422-00이 필요합니다.

랙 조립품을 돌리거나 롤러를 원본(인도 또는 중국산) 또는 원본(Noritsu에서 구입)으로 구입할 수 있습니다.

I received a lot of help from reading your answers to many people's questions. The a87420-00 roller I am currently using feels like it is made of cloth. The replacement roller I found is made of rubber. Will there be any problems in using it? Thank you for your reply.

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Sorry, but you didn't find A87420-00 ( new part number AA24253-01 ) . You found roller, which maker called A87420-00 , when really it is different roller.

Original A87420-00 ( AA24253-01 ) is Noritsu squeegee cloth roller. If here will be rubber roller then more chemicals go into dryer and you have often need to clean, or change dryer rollers.

I think Noritsu knows better which material to use on processor exit, than replacement roller maker from China. Better use material, which recommended equipment maker.

Rubber rollers can work on this position Even can be used longer, than original. Rubber is stronger, than cloth. But if you use rubber roller then all photos from processor into dryer go with more chemicals. As result time after time need clean dryer rollers, or even change them.

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