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Noritsu T15 instruction manual


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Hi. I'm trying (and failing) to set the timer on a Noritsu T15 film processor'

I want it to come on at 7.30am but even though it appears to show that it doesn't come on until I press the timer button.

Does any body have a copy of the instruction manual?

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On All 7:30
Set the off time to the latest time you are likely to come to the shop. Say Off All 10:00

So the machine will come on every day at 7:30am and go off at 10:00am unless you press the timer button to turn on the machine.

If for example you don't want it coming on on Sunday you set it to EX Sun.

You can also set a different on and off time for a particular day if you wish. For example On 9:00 Off 11:00 Sat

Press the timer key to alternate between timer and on mode.

T15 Program Timer.pdf

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