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Iphone and Kodak kiosks


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I'm running Kodak kiosks on v9 and have noticed this week that iphones will not send photos to the kiosks via the wifi. Does anyone know if there has been an update on the the phones that is causing this?

Planning to upgrade to v23 but if I could get it working in the mean time all the better.

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Unfortunately, it does not matter which version of the kiosk you work with, in the end the operation of the iPhone Wi-Fi connection with the kiosk does not depend on Kodak-Alaris but on Apple.

Every time Apple makes modifications to its operating system and includes changes to the Wi-Fi security parameters, the kiosk will automatically stop receiving photos from the iPhone. Kodak Alarias very rarely offers solutions to this situation.

The solution I created was an external website where the phones (iphone and Android) connect to from a QR (to facilitate the connection) and upload the photos to print there. It is very easy and safe and also non-invasive since the client does not install anything on their phone, they just scan the QR and send the photos to the website that is connected to the kiosk. In seconds the photos appear at the kiosk ready to be processed and printed.

In this link, if you open it on any phone, you will have an idea of how the solution works, you can also scan the test QR.




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