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Install firmware in LP2500 without scanner


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Firmware can install from FMPC.
If FMPC software is older ( D4 - FMPC for LP2500 ) then firmware version can see on txt file with version. On instillation CD open FUJIFILM\FRONTIER\MANAGE . There you find .txt file with printer version ( oversion ) .
If on FMPC used MS01 then use firmware upgrade tool. It is on instillation CD ( firmware tools\LP2500 - file 2500 Firmware.bat ) .

Before firmware instillation need install driver, and make firewire settings. Only after that can upgrade printer firmware.

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To upgrade LP2500 MS01 instillation is not necessary. It is enough install driver. After that can upgrade printer internal software.

If you want upgrade LP2500 printer board version then need program chip and insert it into printer board. This chip is on socket. For FMPC need chip with version 2.0.

MS01 can be installed on FMPC connected LP2500. Not all MS01 versions support this model. The latest MS01 version which can install on  FMPC for LP2500 - version 4.2.  

Ask your software provider to explain how install FMPC. When software is from me I help to install it. your software supplier should do the same.

If can't get help I can help to install, but you have pay for my time. I can explain step by step, or help online.

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