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V30 Shutting Off Completely (No Errors, No Warnings) Restarts after a few minutes


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Hello friends!


One day last week, my V30 just randomly shut off for a minute (the unit was completely dead, no power, no lights, no drive motor, no sound, nothing).  It was literally less than probably 30 seconds.  Then it restarted and continued what it was doing.  It was weird but I just considered it to be a weird one time thing.

Well today it has done it three times and is taking longer and longer to turn back on.  

Since there aren't any errors I don't quite know where to start - any guidance would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks in advance :)

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You need to determine if the problem is happening on the machine side or on the mains voltage supply to the machine.

With the power going to the machine isolated.
Check the terminals for the power input cable are tight.
Check the cable screw terminals on the power PCB are tight.
Check the plug for the breaker switch is properly plugged in.

You can use a mains voltage tester screwdriver on the power supply terminals to check for mains voltage when the problem is happening.

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