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LPS24 Pro - Processor controller resets to default time, date, settings after each time powering down


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Hi All,

We just had to change the processor controller board (logic board) on our lps24 pro. luckily we had a spare that we threw in and it got us operational again. The issue we're having now is that all our settings/configuration (time & date too) get wiped every night when we power the machine down. it seems like when a pc has a dead onboard battery and it loses configuration on each power cycle. Is the replacement board I installed bad too? can I replace the onboard timeclock battery so I don't have to replace the logic board again? any input is greatly appreciated!! 

Thanks :) 

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Where you are losing time settings - on Windows, or on minilab timer settings?

If you are losing time on Windows then need replace motherboard BIOS backup battery.  If your LPS-24PRO computer is standard ( PC-NRT-RS10 ) then here is Ricoh FB11G motherboard. It is Supermicro P8SGA-V . Here standard CR2032 coin battery. Try to change it.

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Yes, real time clock chip has internal Lithium battery. Usually chip is ST M48T86PC1 .  Even on chip cover written, that chip contains lithium cell.

On service manual real time chip is Maxim DS12C887 .

ST M48T86PC1 and Maxim DS12C887 are obsoleted. Both they have substitute Analog Devices DS12C887+ . Easy can find to buy it and replace on processor cpu pcb.

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There is 24 pin socket, so it is easy replace chip. Chips are PCDIP24 ( M48T86PC1 ) or  24-EDIP ( DS12C887 ) .

Old board chip battery will be old and discharged. Better to buy new chip. It is cheap.

DS12C887 and DS12C887+ are absolutely the same. Just DS12C887+ has lead free pins. Chip sells Analog Devices, but it has Dallas logo. Dallas was sold to Maxim Integrated. Latter Analog Devices bough Maxim Integrated. Now Dallas and Maxim - part of Analog devices.

One more option is to replace internal battery, or connect external 3 V Li-on battery, but why to do it, when new chip is really cheap :

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On 7/1/2024 at 12:41 PM, Andy98 said:

Thanks everyone for advice and information. I ordered a new RTC chip but will attempt to swap the one off my old board today. Will update with results.

Hi all!

I got around to swapping that RTC chip out and it fixed our issue. The controller now keeps the time, and temperature settings as it should!

Thanks again for the advice! 😀👍

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