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Lines on prints


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We have a noritsu 3801G and we are getting these jitters when it prints. We have had the full machine serviced and cleaned. Any ideas what might be causing it. If you run one print it doesn’t happen. Or if u print multiple prints at once, the last one is okay but the rest aren’t.


see files attached. Always in the same placeIMG_9372.thumb.jpeg.d2149009a3e281cc8c11709459c8f75c.jpeg


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It is hard to see lines. Need to look carefully.

On first photo lines can see where is girls elbow. Also lines can see on dress.
On second photo lines can see in the area, which is beside rear wheel tire. 

There are about 10 small lines. Probably here is paper advance instability.

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Yes, I noticed the lines, but it's better to take a closer look.
I'm also leaning towards the paper movement being the problem, because the QSS3801G has all direct modulated lasers, so I doubt it's a laser problem.

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