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Banding lines nuritsu qss 3702


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Banding lines cover all page of picture 

We change the g  laser and AOM

But still lines 

The engineer checked the bearing but he said all fine 

What else can i do 




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On your picture see magenta noise and grey lines.

Noise causes your Green laser module. Probably your laser head is not original ( made in China ) . Some of them has no good stability and causes noise.

Where on you picture  is paper lead side ( on top, or on bottom ) ?
What is the distance between paper lead side and first line?
What is the distance between paper end side and last line?
What is a distance between lines?
Lines on different size papers have similar positions?


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I'd advise also to check the belt condition. With time it begins to disrupt on it's edges. Pieces can go under the belt and cause uneven banding lines. Banding can also be caused by dirt on shafts the belt resides on (but the lines are more regular than those on your picture)

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Not sure, if you need adjust this belt. You ignored my questions and didn't answer them.

If here is exposure advance motor 2 belt then force should be 8.8 - 9.8 N ( 900 - 1000 g ) . Deflection - 2 mm . If have no tool to measure force - measure deflection ( in the middle ) .

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