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  1. Please I need help on how to creat a channel for 12x19 on my 3101-1 Noritsu digital machine. Advance? WB Width ? image magnification? Exposure Position correction? Please help. thanks
  2. I need some ideas to improve the quality of prints from my machine (qss 3101-1 ) is there any software to enhance the photos before printing or something I could just do on the main printer to improve print quality? Regards Ken
  3. Thanks! I will check and clean that again
  4. Hi, I have Noritsu 3101-1 digital printer. I washed my racks and fixed them back to the processor, after some few prints I see some lines on especially portrait images..it doesn't happen to all the images tho.. please what could be the possible cause? Thanks..
  5. please i need help,my 2901 digital images look so dark.i thought it was chemical contamination, changed chemicals but still looks dark..i did daily set up and it came out good but the digital images look so dark, please help me Ken
  6. and this problem only happens to the 127 magazine .
  7. the daily setup runs okay..no error message.
  8. the first comes out normal and the next white and the next back to normal and the next white...the halogen lamp doesn't turn off.no error shows up during printing . i have tried system recovery still same. i don't know what to do..
  9. when an order is made for two copies ,one comes out normal and the order comes out white,what could be the problem with my 2901.?
  10. thanks so much for writing back..i would be glad to have the cds,, Hope to hear from you Ken
  11. i need qss2901 service manual book,, thank you Ken
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