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  1. Yes its correct only exist version 5. I have this.
  2. Do you need system program to QSS-3412SA ?
  3. Do you need initial data 4 ?
  4. I think the firmware not will load with windows 10, try load this with windows xp.
  5. For install any firmware you need have installed windows xp.
  6. If your pc is original only need Cd recovery.
  7. You need chande IC PM driver.
  8. Actually the last profile vol3 is 4.82 this for minilab QSS-35xx Plus 37 38 39 For old minilabs the last profile vol2 is 7.21
  9. Digital masking correction software.
  10. Both laser head frecuency of sincronization is 1380.
  11. Do you replaced laser head green ?
  12. Yes, can you cover the glass of unit laser, this will found above of unit exposure. For this you need first remove the unit exposure after cover the glass.
  13. If you changed all chemical CD and BF then your problem is unit Laser.
  14. yes, its correct the last version EZC is 8.00.011
  15. In the manual service can you found all information.
  16. First, QSS-3300 can not run directly with Windows 11, the system program run only with Windows 2000 or xp, the last version is 8.01 If you want print with EZC you need a second pc for install EZC and software connection.
  17. TECNOR

    Good morning all

    First check your chemical
  18. First you need cable network and switch.
  19. What software you need ?
  20. Your software is very old, my advice is change your software to MS01 is the best.
  21. yes its correct LP5700 can you install MS01 on Windows xp, W7 and W10X64.
  22. Oliphaz the wattage heaters of QSS-38 is CD: 400W BF:400W STB:600W
  23. your problem is only a bad adjustment.
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