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  1. Is very strange I installed many time MS01 without password and work perfectly.

    MS 4.2 Error

    Read the manual installation.

    MS 4.2 Error

    Try install all again.
  4. What is version actually of EZC ? Can you install the last version EZC but need powerfull computer.
  5. In the manual explain step to step how to do this
  6. Can you check in the menu machine specification.
  7. All depend what software want use you Can user MS or FE
  8. Te envié un mensaje privado.
  9. Between Fr370 and Noritsu QSS-3300 I prefer noritsu.
  10. TECNOR


    If have wiring diagram can you repair this without problems
  11. All this in the manual, here explain step to step how to do this. Do you have this.
  12. TECNOR

    FE S13 ?!

    Yes S13 is to print directly of network.
  13. If you want install all again need recovery cd, main system software and optional softwares.
  14. Your problem is Rom version, you need 2.0
  15. TECNOR

    MS01 LP2000

    Yes its possible
  16. Noritsu D1005 have color profile in the CD Install this the last version.
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