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    Fuji MSP49

    I have amsp49, I can exchange with MSP43.
  2. Can you install version pro without problems.
  3. Qss-printer and Qss-printer driver is different
  4. Then can you use without problem software of fuji. Ms01 + MS16 + MSP80.
  5. What OS actually you have installed ? Ms01 have different versions. Version to Xp, W7x32 and W10..
  6. Exist differents reason for bad comunications between pc minilab and pc server.
  7. Hello can first check any bad contact in the laser control
  8. If your minilab before worked well then your problem is only configuration network.
  9. What model is your minilab, its possible the problem is only software.
  10. Check the modules memory and power supply
  11. My advice, read a bit the manual.
  12. Your server have software Fdi not Ms01.
  13. If the pc scanner is original then the pc is toshiba, have all installed for default (windows 2000, driver and backup, only need other pc for server. For pc server can you install MS01 version 3.0 3.1(for xp) 4.0 4.2(for W7X32) or last version MS01ver: 10 (for W10x64)
  14. sorry I have only version 4.0 4.01 4.02 if exist new version I have not this.
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