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  1. Still waiting for someone with MS11
  2. Hello I am looking for MS11 software for SP500 scanner. I need version, that compatible with Windows 7, MS01 v4.2. For unknown reason, nn my virtual CD copy with MS11 almost all executable files are removed or damaged.
  3. Software problems was solved. Now Phenix can connect to the device, scanner successfully performs "122 Film Scanner Setup", but when I insert film in carrier I receive an error ERR-023-0 (https://ibb.coP/hDOW5v) VIDEO This is problems with electronic components?
  4. Thank you, Phenix works after configuring IP. And now I have another problem. Phenix can't connect to scanner. Scanner connected to the PCI FireWire card (VIA 1394 OHCI), driver installed, I see RD5 Film Scanner in Windows device manager.
  5. Hello Recently I got Konica R2 Film Scanner with usb-key. Also I got Phenix software version 2.00 which I installed on Windows 2000 SP4. I planned to use it as standalone scanner for personal film scanning at home, but this is not so easy as I thought before. The hardware of my PC is next: GIGABYTE GA-6VEM \ PENTIUM III Tualatin \ PCI 1394 card. When I run Phenix, I get error with code L1778 (The Input station to control the Printer processor is not found) How can I fix this problem?
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