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  1. Thanks for your help it works great Best regards Hans christian
  2. HI our G4XL the one with wide screen HD is gone goes click click so new harddisk need dos anybody got the recovery CD/DVD with V6.0 best regards
  3. Hi need also a iso / aboot able disk my harddrive is gone says click click :( it was with win 7 V6.1 the G4x wide screen email hcl3450 @ gmail.com
  4. HI all We got a QSS3300 that we are retiering in great working condition so if anybody need some parts, we are about to take the machine apart feel free to contact me for price and what you need also got 12 magazine best regards hans christian
  5. Hi Need EZ controller to test if our Fuji DL450 Same as noritsu D1005 can run with that, dont have dongle we have 6 kodak G4x kiosk that runs with Noritsu software, we would like to test so if it works or if you could guide and if possible we also have a old 3300 with the software on it but no CD can i copy the folder to a different pc to test it from their ? best regards
  6. Hi The print size 8x12" is missing on the kodak G4XL V5.3 with Fuji enabler on it the size is their with the Noritsu enabler any idea why ? best regards
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