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  1. Hi everyone, I have a Ms01 with Lp5700 Printer, i having problem getting "OK" in doing upkeep calibrating in Pre-operational Check which i did 4 to 5 time but still NG. I'm only able to successful to get OK or pass upkeep when i do the calibrating in Paper Condition in the Maintenance Menu. I want to know is there different between both upkeep calibration at Pre-operational check and Paper Condition in the Maintenance Menu? Paper and magazine are the same on both upkeep place i did it. Is there any solution for this problem, i want to able get OK upkeep in Pre-operati
  2. Hi all, DX100 printer, Yellow print pattern wont plug out, the rest of the colour pattern are ok. Replace new printhead also have the same problem, only yellow print pattern clog. anyone face this problem before? Thanks!
  3. the dumping pad, do you mean near the Yellow ink holder side or the Pink Ink Holder side? How do you clean it? Thanks
  4. Hi Pedro, Do you have the firmware with you? Able to Email me the firmware? or Any idea what the Firmware is call? THanks
  5. until now mine still not solve even i call Fujifilm Engineer they also have no idea. They try playing with the setting Color Profile and even change another printer but still the same problem.
  6. Hi everyone, Recently my photo have roller mark on it, i try washing the PS1, PS2 , PS3 and PS4 rack and replace new PS water and it able to solve the problem but after a week or so the roller mark came back again. I found that my PS water on 4 tank got very dirty(Dark brown/Coffee colour) after 1 week or so of replacing. I remember last time my PS4 tank never get so dirty after a month or more after replaced water. I checked on my PSW output there is water pumping out to PS4 tank. Anyone has the same problem or suggestion on this problem? And also anyone know how to check the P
  7. But i heard DE100 is fully build by Fujifilm unlike DX100 is took from Espon D700..... not sure the durability will be the same.
  8. where can i get or change the profile
  9. Hi, May i know what the down side of the DE100? is it the Colour so bad, Speed of print or function error?
  10. Hi all, Any DE100 user over here, any feedback on pros or cons of this new printer? i am thinking of is it worth changing my Frontier LP5000 to DE100? Thank!
  11. StruggleTech

    Ms01 V4.2

    Hi all, i am using MS01, just want to check with you all, how to calibrate the MS01 colour to match my PC monitor. Thank!
  12. Hi all, Problem with my ASK-300 after changing a new set of paper and ink ribbon, the photo turn abit red (reddish colour). I try replacing another new set of ink ribbon and paper but the colour still remain reddish. Is there any update to do? or is there any way that can change the colour setting of the printer? Thank!
  13. HI, Are Fujifilm Printer able to use share printer, without using MS01(S9,S2,Client), just using printer driver to print. i trying to use 4 PC connecting using share printer to 1 Printer, isit able to printer from the other 3 PC? Thank!
  14. Hi, check with you all, how long do i need to wash the rack? what solution or chemical do you all use to wash the rack or crossover for clearing those dirty/tar chemical? Thank!
  15. HI, By disabling the evaporation correction, will there be any deflect or damage to the printer in long run. Or photo quality? Thank!
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