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  1. just finished that process. water is coming out clear and no particles. I am happy. thank you all for your help
  2. I am doing a major tank and rack cleaning and I want to turn on the circulation pumps without having the SM chemistry boxes installed. Is there a way to do this?
  3. The solution: New used s2 scanner. Once balanced, focused and what ever else needed to be done and I am back in business. HOWEVER... The paper feed on the all the paper sizes feeds an extra 1/8" on the first picture's trailing edge. Where would I find the adjustment to solve this problem.
  4. Thanks Dave, This morning the scanner will not turn on. The LED on the top front panel of the scanner just blinks red. Am I getting deeper into trouble?
  5. Our 3212 SM machine is printing negative scans with the image squashed. 4x6 vertical is printed 6x4 horizontally with the picture squashed to fit. We had a light source failure and replaced a power supply. Fixed the light source problem but created a different problem. Pictures from digital files are fine. Only negative scans are squashed.
  6. I have a QSS 3212 that is displaying the same error code 6822-0008. I have but 1 memory slot in the memory board #J390864 and it has a 512 MB SDR ram in it. The QSS 3212 loads digital images very slowly when using the PJP mode. Upwards of 55 second for each screen of 6 images. In the auto print mode the time between each 6 images is about 30 seconds. Is the problem likely to be insufficient memory?
  7. can this thread be opened for additional help?
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