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  1. Hello! I'm looking to buy a Noritsu or Fujifilm sleever, preferrably in the EU. Any offers?
  2. Hello! I'm looking to buy a Fujifilm FP232 but first I would like to learn all about it. I'm looking for scanned manuals (both user and service) and general details about the machine. Thank you! Matei
  3. I managed to fix the lines by using 213 Light Source Setting. However, I'm still getting a horizontal stripe which also shows up on the main scan calculation.
  4. I'm really sorry, I forgot to attach the picture. Here it is.
  5. Hello! The scans on my Konica DS-1000T feature prominent green/magenta tinted areas splitting the image. I've attached an example image. I would like to add that this does not seem to be room lighting flare, as I've tried running it with a cover on & the room lights off. What could be the cause?
  6. Thank you so much for your patience. I do have the original KIC-1 PC, but was looking for an upgrade. The Windows 2000 image I have didn't work on a new pc and crashed with a bluescreen no matter what I did. However, I never even thought to try Windows XP on the new computer - and it worked like a charm, right out of the box, without even having to install the Visual Basic 6.0 dependencies! Thank you so much!
  7. I've tried a couple of things and I'm still having no success whatsoever. All of my drivers and services are correctly installed. I've found this topic by Zarat in which they describe the same problem I'm facing. (ERR-L1179) However, I can see that they managed to solve their problem and I was wondering if anybody had some extra ideas.
  8. Not much success so far. I'm thinking this is due to the AMD chipset on the computer. Will be trying it on Intel soon.
  9. I'm running Windows 7 x86. Are there any other drivers to install than the MFS Film Scanner Driver and the Lockstar driver?
  10. Having just fixed my scanner, I'm now chasing a performance upgrade, as the original PC isn't very fast when dealing with Max-resolution TIFF files. I've installed Windows 7 on a new PC and installed the MFS/RD5 film scanner driver, the Lockstar key driver, the registry keys and moved the rsystem folder. I have also transferred the original PCI FireWire card (VIA VT6306) to the new computer. The scanner appears in the Device Manager (MFS Film Scanner), however, Phenix doesn't recognize it. What do I do next?
  11. After measuring everything once more, desperately hoping not to have to replace anything, I poured some isopropyl alcohol into the motor with a syringe, then heated it up for the alcohol to evaporate. This fixed the problem. Thank you so much for your help and interest and I'm looking forward to collaborating in the future shall there be a need for any repairs or software!
  12. Upon testing with a multimeter I have discovered the following: The motor has two coils, labeled A and B. Each have two contacts. When the scanner is in operation, there are 4 volts going through each pair. There is no short-circuit between the coils. Unfortunately, the motor is not labeled in any way. It measures around 8mm in height and 7-8mm in diameter. This leads me to conclude that there is nothing wrong with the motor. What could I do to test the motor driver board on the back of the Image Capture Unit and identify the faulty circuit? A visual inspection shows no visible damage. I've attached the best photo of it I could take right now, but I could take a better one tomorrow if necessary. Thank you so much for your help so far!
  13. It's definitely a stepper motor. It seems to be bipolar and I do think it is unreasonably hot. A shortcircuit in one of the phases sounds plausible. Any idea where I might be able to get a replacement? There are no markings on the motor's case under the black heatshrink tubing. I've attached a picture of the contacts after removing it.
  14. After further disassembly I have noticed that the little motor that drives the shutter blade gets VERY hot - too hot to touch, at least, after mere minutes of the scanner being powered on. I think there might be a shortcircuit inside the motor. Perhaps it would be wise to attempt to replace it.
  15. Thank you for your advice. The motor control circuit seems okay. I will remove the motor to examine it more closely. In the meantime, if it turns out that the motor truly is broken, where could I find a replacement part and what would the cost be?
  16. Hello again! I've uploaded a YouTube video of the issue.
  17. Indeed. I dissasembled the Image Capture Unit and ran the shutter motor from the output check. The shutter opens and gets stuck at the end of its travel, unable to return to its closed position. Pushing it a little with your finger helps it get unstuck and close. There does not seem to be any possible adjustment. I will provide video of this problem soon.
  18. I use my DS-1000 standalone with the original Image Controller computer and software. There does not seem to be a driver version mismatch. This has recently been detached from the printer, which was disabled in the scanner software.
  19. Hello! I've recently acquired a DS-1000 scanner. It's in partial working order and I intend to repair it and make it functional again. However, I'm stuck on a particular hardware error I can't seem to get rid of, Code 0x21002A48. This seems to originate from the shutter assembly (motor, blade and sensor) inside the Image Capture Unit, which rests between the CCD and the optical assembly. While both the motor and the sensor seem to work and close/open the blade, the blade gets stuck after opening and needs to be manually reset. This does not allow pictures to be scanned. Does anybody know more about this error and what could be done to fix it? Thank you.
  20. Okay, so the answer is I can't retain functionality of both computers with only one dongle. I do not have an empty dongle, nor the means to buy one.
  21. Hello! I'm trying to open a film lab and one of the greatest difficulties I've encountered has been finding a professional scanner. The Noritsu LS-600, LS-1100 & Fuji SP500 or SP3000/HS-1800 are way out of my price range, so I've been trying to find out more about the Konica DP-1000. I've managed to wrangle some sample scans out of a local lab and I'm trying to purchase the scanner off of them. However, they still need the printer to work and thus the computer the scanner is attached to. However, I'm hoping I can clone the computer's hard drive for the software and only buy the scanner to use standalone. My questions are: Does the input section of the Konica R1 work without the scanner attached? If I mirror the HDD of the Windows 2000 scanner computer, can I use the scanner standalone? If I disconnect the scanner from the Windows 2000 computer, can the digital printing features still be used? Does the Konica software work without the scanner? Your help and expertise are priceless. Thank you.
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