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  1. Hi David, thanks for replying. I will follow your advise and give him eol. But on the other hand, I am a technican. maybe you have an idea wich of the wearing out parts have to be replaced? Thank you David for your time
  2. hi @James t, did you fix the problem? my printer does exactly the same. thanks a lot for helping with your experience.
  3. I want to push this topic here. sometimes the printer work fine for 1/2 pictures from 5/6 in one printjob. there is ne newest firmware installed, new paper kit etc. somebody has an idea here? one example more to show the issue thanks for your advise
  4. Hi Guys, I hope you can help me. My Kodak 6850 (newest firmware, new paper and ribbon) prints fine. But the issue is, that the colors are not exactly on the right place. So the pictures looks a bit strange, cause the thinest lines are not sharp - cause the colors are postponed. this issue will be more bad, when I start a a big print job. printing only one picture, the effect is not so visible, but it will be worse. edit: ribbon and paper are new and have over 80% capacity. --> I know these effect, when the ribbon ends, but now, the ribbon has enough capacity. Maybe someone had a tip do adjust the colors? I have a second printer which is fine, so the source of the picture is ok. Thanks in advance.
  5. Hello dear specialists, i bought a KPK G4XLII verry cheap at ebay. To get the machine ready, i was able to copy the system from my old KPK G4XL to the new G4XLII without having a bluescreen . All drivers are ready in windows and the new KPK on the new mashine runs like a bee. (KPK+ V6.0) But now i have the issue, that some small devices in the new KPK G4XLII are different to the other mashine, like the Bluetooth-Chip, or the reciept-printer. Do you know a possibility to change these devices in the KPK-Software to the new hardware? (drivers are in windows ready - but not in the kpk-software) - the Version is KPK+ V6.0. And another small question: the G4XLII has a USB Stick on the left side - the "Config-Stick" For what is this USB-drive? May somebody can explain this for me. Thanks a lot for your help in advance.
  6. Hi, it will be interesting to get the new kpk + v10. is it possible to download it? thx
  7. Stefan1

    Kodak 6800

    Hi Guys, May i can asked you to share the servicemanual from Kodak 6850 with me. This will be very helpful for me. My Mailadress is stef.hef@gmail.com Thanks a lot and have a nice Weekend.
  8. Hi Pawel, unfortunatly not. Am locking for an installer or a hdd -Image yet. Maybe someone Fan provide us with the Software? thanks a lot.
  9. Hi Guys, i have now upgraded the kiosk on the hardware-site. Means I found a large screen and have more RAM. Unfortunatly i dind found the KPK+ Software. Please, May somebody can provide me with a new installer-iso ore with a system-cloned-image from a kpk+ thank you for your help guys stef.hef@gmail.com
  10. hi i am locking for the soft to. maybe someone can help in this topic? thanks guys
  11. Hi Everybody, Maybe somebody can provide me with the an install-image from kpk v8.0. My Kiosk G4xe runs with v6.1 so ist time to bring the mashine on the latest Status. This would be helpful. Thanks a lot for your support.
  12. Hello, hope someone can help me with the recovery DVD for my kpk. there is the thincentre m58p inside. this ist the kpk with the 4:3 Display. Hope somebody have it with win7? Thanks for sharing it. It will be great, if somebody have a iso or an hdd-image for me. thanks a lot. Mailadress: stef.hef@gmail.com
  13. Hi Guys, i have the same problem like lagrangerx. so i would be very thankful if someone can help me with an image of the recovery disks or with a hdd image. i have the g4xe model with the 3:4 screen - and i want to update the disk to a ssd - and at the same time i would refresh the windows to win7 or if it is possible to windows 10. so thanks for your help. my mailadress is: stef.hef@gmail.com thanks a lot.
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