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  1. and i dont use new maintenance tank. i just buy a chip and replace the used chip. can it be the cause of it?
  2. can it be fix or should i buy I/H right side?
  3. that is the leakage
  4. thanks i'm aware of the 1495 error after several times turning on and off.... i/h right it mean under the maintenance tank right?
  5. And the buzzer is beeping long
  6. how can i get the software? what i suppose to do?
  7. that is my error
  8. so i after turn on and off for few times E-9901(1495) is the real culprit
  9. as i know w 1102 is paper jam.
  10. Sir, can you explain how?
  11. hi i have a problem with my epson sl d 700 printer suddenly give me w 1102 code 34 error and paper stuck / jam. so i remove the paper and after that a led light up and tell me to remove jammed paper which none. what should i do?
  12. how much does it cost to change a print head / PH of De100?
  13. that is why i m considering about de 100 ... there is one epson sc here in my town, but last time my machine have problems they told me to send it to other town. and i think my machine kindda old.
  14. Thx ... just wondering who will buy my d700
  15. thanks for the info. in here fujifilm only give me 1 years of warranty, but if i subscribe to their paper bundling plan i get 3 year of warranty ... for now i'm leaning toward de100 to sld800
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