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  1. how much does it cost to change a print head / PH of De100?
  2. that is why i m considering about de 100 ... there is one epson sc here in my town, but last time my machine have problems they told me to send it to other town. and i think my machine kindda old.
  3. Thx ... just wondering who will buy my d700
  4. thanks for the info. in here fujifilm only give me 1 years of warranty, but if i subscribe to their paper bundling plan i get 3 year of warranty ... for now i'm leaning toward de100 to sld800
  5. and what is the biggest issue with de100?
  6. hi I'm using d700 now. and i'm looking forward to buy de100 or d800. since the price is almost the same. what kind of issue you are facing from time to time with de 100 ? and do really 4 colors can match the 6 colors? and how about the color from what you see ion monitor compare to print result?
  7. just my opinion d700 is not a bad printer in fact is a good one .... i own d700 and use it with original ink and paper for quite some times until it leak. yellow ink leak so i have to send it to service center and they tell me my d700 is out of warranty and need to change print head wtf it was a leakage. and i surely know it have nothing to do with the printhead..... but in the end i had to agree to change the perfectly fine print head cuz otherwise my printer travel for nothing
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