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  1. I need to change my bosses from a LS-600 but can't ship it. I have shipped it twice and came back with broken bosses after repair from the technician. Need a person who can make the job in Spain or nearby. Thank You
  2. Yes, it's this piece, but my main problem it's tht i'm not so good with screwdriver and i prefer a person who can do by itself. Shipping the scanner it's not possible because it breaks the replaced bosses. Has anyone the chance to fly to canary islands?
  3. i have a friend who can print 3d and he is printing this pieces. But i need a person who can fly here to help me in person. Thank You
  4. @tiago I have modified the scanner and i can help you, where are you from?
  5. Hello, i live in Canary islands (Spain) i have bought a LS-600 and it has come with broken bosses, i'm not very good with screwdriver and i'm not able to change them. Is there a good guide to change them or could anyone help me with a video call? I have sent twice to the owner and he changed the bosses and again came the scanner with broken bosses.Shipping companies here in spain are not very good. Does anyone live here or plan to come here? Could anyone help me with a video call? Thakn You
  6. Hello, i have a problem with my LS-600, bought from Turkey. The lens moves between both lanes 135 and 240 but it has a mechanical jam that doesn't allow to fit ok in both lanes, it's jammed between both. Do you need a video to see the problem?
  7. I have ordered from russia and tested, they did not work properly. Where i cant get them? I'm looking for a V30 or V50 film processor. Thank You
  8. Yes write a PM, but you have to change the printer head and adjust with Fuji Software
  9. I have made it, i have changed printer head to an epson and it works, you need only the software from fuji
  10. jejes


    I have the chance to buy a SP3000 but not standalone. What do i need to convert to standalone scanner? Thank You
  11. Which board did you buy? I have a S4 and want to convert to HS1800 Thank You
  12. I need to move a QSS 3300 from one office to another. Anyone could help me? How to dissasemble? Thank You
  13. I have this software with all running without anything more, if someone is interested please PM here. I would interested on DX100 service maintenance software for exchange for the software.
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