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  1. Have you tried switching the AOM output cords? If you switch them with another AOM does it change the color or is it still blue?
  2. We are looking to get a newer faster computer for EZ Controller to run on. Does it work with Windows 10?
  3. Perpendicular to the paper travel.
  4. We use a software called ROES Server, is that compatible with EZ Controller? We have EZ controller.
  5. So our ROES server only is set up to use Net Order Mode. So we would need them to set it up a different way?
  6. We have seen some banding in solid and gradient colors when printing on our 3800G. We have read online that it could be a roller or a barring inside the machine but am unable to find what we need to fix or replace. Have you seen this?
  7. We have a Noritsu 3202 and use Net Order Mode with one of our clients who use ROES. We want to set this up on our 3704 but we cannot find anyone with the software CD for it. I have found it on the link below but that says that you can use it on printers released by the 35Plus series models. Does anyone use use ROES or netorder to print on something newer than a 35? How do you do it? We are using EZ-Controller with our 3704 also. https://minilablaser.com/product/noritsu-netorder-software/
  8. Did you ever find the Net Order Mode software? We have a 3704 also and are looking for Net Order Mode Software for it.
  9. Those are good options, I am afraid to change the calibration plate because the only other one we have, we dont have the driver for so it is a different number. I can look into buying a new one with software. Thank you!
  10. We did this when we received it.
  11. We just bought a used QSS 3704. It works great, except any whites on daily setup or magazine registration sheets are a cream color. We have gone in and added compensation in the master DSA to get colors to match our other machines but looking for ways to solve this. We are wondering if it possibly could be because they used a different brand of chemicals then us, we use fuji, and need to change that somewhere? Any help would be awesome.
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