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  1. would be interested in this as well! so basically I want to scan on PC1 with EZ Controller, transfer the .raw files and the order to PC2 and then judge & export the scans to Jpeg / TIFF with EZ Controller on PC2. can someone jump in on this?
  2. Hello Yustus, thank you very much for the lengthy and kind reply. Do you know if MS01 will work if I connect SP2000 and Server/PIC over Ethernet? Will MS01 4.2 also work with SP2000 A1 Ver.5.0-0E-592 or A1 Ver.7.7-0E-201? ______________________________________________________ With my current set-up (A1 Ver.5.0-0E-592 and C4/C5 on virtualized PIC) the SP2000 needs around 40s per image for the finescan when doing free export to JPEG or BMP. Do you know if the conversion is done by the Toshiba or the PIC? Would your Variant 1 or 2 be faster? thank you very much!
  3. Update: Standalone mode was not possible with A1 Vers. 6.0-OE-742. Downgraded to A1 Ver.5.0-0E-592 via clean installation of Windows (Recovery CD needed). Connected the SP-2000 via Ethernet to the PIC and C4/C5. Running smoothly now and lovin the results! Special thanks to the user Minilab service for his help!
  4. Hello Sir,

    you posted that you have a complete SP-500 for sale. Is this still available?

    best regards


  5. Hello Alansur, sorry for not being explicit. no, I want to run the scanner in stand alone without the printer. I was told A1 Vers. 6.0-OE-742 should be working for sure. So if anyone has an installation for this please contact me if there is any other option please contact me as well!
  6. Hello forum, I recently bought a SP-2000 which was connected to a Printer. I now want to switch to stand alone mode. When I start the scanner it says "W-2110 Communication error occurred between scanner and printer" (IMAGE) If I click "OK" the System shuts down again. The Toshiba XL is currently running A1 Vers 7.7-OE-300 (IMAGE) I was told by a friend that downgrading top A1 Vers. 7.6 should allow to set the Printer in Standalone mode. Can someone confirm this? Is someone able to send me A1 Vers. 7.6? What other options do I have? thank you very much in advance! (I'm based in Germany)
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