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  1. How much is the DE100 printhead costs ?
  2. looks like the head issue. Try with a new printhead.
  3. for me looks like time for the capping unit.... capping station
  4. Hello friends Anybody have the latest Frontier Dx100 firmware ? CP111E7 is the latest version ? if anybody have it? Is it possible to share it with me please ?
  5. Okaye purnomosetiawan i will check all these and will update asap thanks for your support and kindness
  6. Its horizontal banding........Bi-d Adjustment is correct....Didnt check the motor measurement and CR motor,,i will check it and update the result
  7. no my friend did this all dozen times
  8. Hi hivanov, I did the Paper feed Manual adjustment 6-9 times... well i changed the paper feed rollerI(SMAP Roller) and cleaned the sensor and did the PF Belt Tension Adjustment too. But the result is same.I dont knw what to do now .:-(
  9. Hi dears , Iam facing an issue in my Fuji-film Dx100 printer. There is patches on the print out(both in HQ and SQ prints-please see the attached image for more clarification...) Well to solve i checked all the head related adj,but it doesnt help me at all.Then i changed the print head along with the capping unit. After changing it did all the head related adjustment and all.But still the result is same, Then i tried to print on the HQ mode...but still the result is same. Then i changed the SMAP Roller along with the PF scale and PF Encoder Sensor.But still the res
  10. nick2898

    DX 100

    its mostly occurs from the cartridge compartments.Well i guess there is two reasons for that,one is the exceed power cleaning and the other is manufacturing defect.
  11. comparing to DX 100 FUJIFILM DE 100 printer is 99 % much better.Trouble free faster than DX100.Four inks
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