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  1. Thanks so much. This solved the problem immediately. Our tech only mentioned purchasing a $2000 software key to export as .raw
  2. Hey there! We've been trying to figure out a way to get the highest quality scans possible on our HS-1800. Online it's listed as being able to scan a 35mm frame at 4492 x 6774 for a 12x18 print. I just can't figure out how to get a file that large. I have a channel set to print 12x18, set to export the 'print file' and I just get the same file as the output, roughly 2000x3000. Any advice would be much appreciated. No one from noritsu is willing to help us out. Brian
  3. Hi there! My partner lab recently tried upgraded their V30 using a C002 floppy disk immediately after I used the same disk on a V30 and was successful. They had an error code 4(?) and it froze up. The error occurred during it updating the display, so now when we turn on the machine the parts start to move and power lights come on, but no display. Does anyone have a fix? Should we reinstall the original software/does anyone have the version before the C002 upgrade? Thanks so much for any input! Brian
  4. Is this software the service floppy software to get into menus such as Service Menu 3? Or is it software to specifically change from SM to RA? Thanks!
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