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  1. We had used Tetenal for several years when the work load was far bigger , mixed well with other chemicals, quality was good.... all chemicals have their deficiency's,used Ornano which was also very good, but now using Fuji as the workload is very slow...
  2. I have a different model , follow the paper passage and see where the laser projects on the paper , there should be a glass otherwise dust enters the laser unit... ( please note this is my experience on my qss printer... if it is a straight faded line .
  3. dust on laser glass , just clean ... no need to make pressure
  4. Thank you, for your reply really appreciate your assistance & Dave S
  5. thank you, meanwhile i have to decide and see my options, hoping not to throw money down the drain as the board is 1300 excluding shipping and import taxes.. tonight i will try some voltage test points on the board, keep you intouch... really grateful. tks
  6. Thanks once again,we are on a one of two islands in the Meditterenean 9 miles long, population 35,000 near Italy,the people who sold the laser where helpull 2 years ago when i bought it and helped me to install it with hiccups ... now ..... ??? I have been googling around to see whether i can buy a used pcb ,but mine is J391270 version) but i found Noiritsu J390919, i do not know wheter is compatable??The machine has been idle since August, and i cannot loose the rest of the remaing clients. One thing i may ask,i noticed the red laser is always lit (very dimm ) is it normal, and also should i try update laser data... ??? just a thought, perhaps its nonsense, i apreciate your help strange that no one has experienced this... in a way i feel glad that it is so.appreciate your response .. thanks
  7. First i want to thank you for your help and prompt reply, unfortunately there are 2 printers of this model bought together at the same time but on different islands of which he would not be that ready to try... on his machine,my options are : to find a place in eu that i can ship and have it tested... do you know please of a company ?? : buy a second hand one : or scrap the machine to buy a small fuji or epson inkjet, as i have already spent 394 euro to have the laser repaired in shipping costs and customs. ..thank you all for your support while looking forward for any info..
  8. {green and blue switched, but this time the Green BNC wire disconnected to see if you get a good yellow square instead of magenta from your earlier test prints} This i did not try since i got that error and the above results , should i try it???
  9. switched B & G as suggested, could not print multi patches ... ERROR 6703 Synchronous error, printed separate patches y m c and this was the result , only one can see different lines, all aom plugged in , any suggestions thanks
  10. thank you, just to confirm , after conecting Blue AOM , now i go to the Laser Control PCB (The Big one on top the Laser) and switch output connector B & G ... right ( with electronics i am very cautious ) THANK YOU for your patience
  11. Attached same images printed with Blue AOM unplugged, when you said laser control pcb ..which is it the small board at the side or the large board on top the laser ??thanks once again we are getting somewhere
  12. Perhaps I misunderstood, those cyAN/ MAGENTA PICTURES WHERE PRINTED WITH the Blue AOM plug in .. sorry I ,ust have misunderstood, I will print them again with AOM unpluged.
  13. BLUE LASER ON, i appreciate your help, and i thank you once again from the support
  14. I have printed 4 images, and all with yellow line/noise even on white , i also loaded an image of one of the file used
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