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  1. free i don't think it exists....Diland, Epson Order Controller...a lot of American users (especially that one that use printers in the events) loves Darkroom.
  2. Yes i have Service Software now, i had reset the ink tube error some months ago, and i'm still printing normally (actually around 50.000 more prints after the reset). I know DE100 have the service software funcionts integrated with the driver, true? Buyng the Epson DL-700 or or DL-800 they usually give Order Controller software?
  3. I've tried some non originals brand (i forgot the name) and i always had bad experience. Chips didnt work correctly and dx100 didnt recognize the cartridge, bad inks (the colors were bad, black had a magenta gradient). So i decided to use only originals fujifilm. Honestly i wanna move to epson, cause service center is near my place and i hate fujifilm service. When i had only 1 DX100, during xmas time, i got the infamous ink tube error that stuck the printer. I called the service cause i know they can reset the error remotely with service software, but they said they cannot do anything. I lost
  4. i had a very bad experience with Axel color, the black ink totally fade away from prints after few months. Some costumers came back angry in my studio cause they deleted the files after they printed, so they lost their pictures forever. And very important, the Fujifilm Service don't repair the printhead in warranty if they recognize non-original inks in the tube (they can cause its density is different from original).
  5. But i know the DE100 inks are more expensive, is it right?
  6. yes it's normal, it's fresh ink. Just open the upper cover and clean inside on the right part.
  7. omg that US dollars?? the prices are so high! here in Italy inks (for Dx100, so i think it's the same Epson 860) are 37,00€ vax included. 5" Paper 25,15€ no difference between lustre, matte, pearl, glossy... (we use no branded Mitsubishi paper, very good quality).
  8. Do you know how many prints can reach the DE100 Print Head? DX100 Ph at 85.000/90.000 usually get broken and need to be replaced.
  9. DX100 sometimes is very awful, clogged often. The secret is always leave it ON and print print print. 1 day stopped without printing can clog the ph. There are lucky and unlucky printers, sometimes i changed PH at 15.000 prints. Btw DX100 is not producted anymore by Fujifilm and a lot of users said that DE100 is better (better quality parts that last more time and free from errors).
  10. Btw wich sizes do you wanna print? If they're not standard sizes (also 11*16, 18*24, 24*36 and others "not so standard) you need to create a layout with photoshop, print it and than trim. For example if you wanna print a 18*24 you need to put it inside a 20,3*24 with photoshop.
  11. What?? Are you going to cut 15.000 prints with the trimmer?? It's better you buy more printers and load different size of papers. 3 printers are enough (5", 6" with you can print 4*6 as well, and 8") I actually have 10 DX100 (2 broken) loaded 4" glossy, 4" matte, 5"glossy, 5"matte, 6"glossy, 6"matte, 8"glossy, 8" matte. Btw if costumers have a lot of photos to print and they dnt need immediately i send to print in Lab for dont ruin the printhead.For higher size i have Canon Pro 300 (it's A3+ so you need to use trimmer for get 30*40 and 30*45)
  12. what about the quality? must be less than DX100, 4 inks vs 6 inks, less shades on the halftones.
  13. Mmm the price for a brand new DL650 is around 15.000euro, am i wrong? Fuji total care includes all kind of maintenance and parts replacements( printhead included)? Are you sure to print 15.000 photos weekly immediately from the beginning? You don't need time for get costumers? Maybe you can start with a smaller printer DX100, DE100 or Epson DL800 (but maximum size is 21cm rolls paper, you cannot print 25cmx25cm) and buy DL650 when business grow up. Btw is a good printer in my opinion, great quality and very important you will not get crazy for maintenance same with a Wet Minilab.
  14. DE100 is free from annoying automatic errors that stuck the printer? I had reset 2 months ago the "ink tube error" on the DX100 with the Service Software, and i'm still printing without problems (45.000 more prints since the reset). That mean Fujifilm/Epson are thieves! they grabbed money from us all these years, when we got that error we sent the printers to the Service for replace, while the part wasn't really broken!!! I have 10 DX100 in my studio...
  15. I strongly think it's bad chemical. You must throw away all the chemicals inside the tanks, clean everything and put new chemicals (you need the starter chemical as well). It's important to respect the straight ratio between starter and nee chemicals.
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