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  1. i had buy new printer and send that one with error to the service, i've found here someone that can sell the service software for unlock the "ink tube error" but with the same amount of money the service unlocks the error and change the old tube with a brand new. Do you have the same issue?
  2. ok, but if i restart that is it possibile ink will go outside of tube and damage printer?
  3. Hi Everyone sorry for my bad english, i have error INK TUBE end of life on my Fujifilm Frontier S DX100, the printer is blocked and cannot print, i call the fujifilm service office and they need almost 10-14 for give me back the printer repaired, this means my job will blocked for 15 days and i will lose a lot of money!!! Are there any solutions? i know it's the same printer of EPSON D700, i can send to Epson service (near my shop) and they can fix that problem? Or there is any other solution? Thanks a lot
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