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  1. I know 1 but I don't know if he has a visa to enter the United States, he is Mexican
  2. with the 3001 put more memory pc133 512mb to the image processor, and update the motherboard of the computer
  3. Or will it be because you have never opened the compartment where it goes, this is the one I brought was 256mb and I put the 512 one and you see the difference is faster to process the photos
  4. because I have 1 3202 pro and it had 128 mb pc133 ram and the csmbie for 512mb and if I grab it
  5. ok I'm going to upload it to wetransfer and since it's uploaded I'll share the link
  6. It is not pulling the paper well, a motor or something like that makes it not advance and synchronize when advancing
  7. The paper is the one that is moving and that is why it does that, or the head is hitting the paper
  8. It could be that it aligns the glass well aom
  9. The image processing has already been changed and it was tested with 2 other cards and it does the same, it marks an error
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