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  1. Memoria RAM de escritorio de baja densidad, 512MB PC133 133MHz SDRAM 168pin DIMM, no ECC, envío gratis| Memorias RAM| - AliExpress
  2. because my 3501 f machine the green pistol has aom, the blue pistol has aom, the red pistol is already direct and no longer has aom, or do we have to change a blue laser pistol for a direct light one without aom?
  3. with i3 or i5 processors the computer is going to restart since it is a lot of power that is why it restarts
  4. it's a lot of RAM and a lot of processor for the software
  5. I still have problems with the temperature but on a 3501f
  6. I have problems with the temperature and it won't let me print the machine is a 3501 f
  7. someone knows whether the software accuSmart: can be installed on the 3202 pro?
  8. https://es.aliexpress.com/item/1005003229557485.html
  9. I know 1 but I don't know if he has a visa to enter the United States, he is Mexican
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