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  1. Hello, Im just looking to hear if anyone has a converted v30/v50 for black and white. Is it worth converting or looking for a native bw machine? Is it reliable conversion? What issues have you ran into if any? What chems are you using? thank you jorge
  2. Hi Maxi, Kodak C-41 Entwickler Fixer/Developer and Replenisher Cat #3667805 Kodak 25L C-41 Flexicolor Fixer and Replenisher for Color Negative Film Cat #: 6600027 Kodak Flexicolor Bleach III Replenisher Cat #: 6600258 Kodak 50L Flex Final Rinse/Replenisher Cat #: 5270103
  3. Hello, does anyone have a user guide for employees to use that outlines how much Kodak chemistry to mix they are will to share?? thank you
  4. Hello, Any Noritsu techs in the NY/NJ area looking to make some extra cash. Would like someone with experience to come by my shop and look over my V30. Machine is working but just want to give it some TLC. Best Jorge
  5. Hello, I have the above densitometer and wanted to know how to get it up and running? Do I connect this thing to a pc? What software do I use? thank you
  6. Yup. I’ve tested it with water and scrubbed it pretty good.
  7. Hello, just acquired a v30 ra and need to fill it up with chemistry. how do I mix the developer and bleach starter in for the first time? thank you jorge
  8. Hello, I recently just acquired a V30 RA that I suspect was a conversion. When I power it on I receive the EEPROM data error initialize data Y/N with the only option being N. I can clear the error and everything seems to work fine with the exception of STB 3 getting too hot (~45C). Any ideas how to clear the error. I tried the steps outlined in this post but the options are not available on my machine. TIA Jorge
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