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  1. The backup is good but unfortunately we need a backup of a single store. yours must certainly be for 2 stores. or if you have a QSS K 001 it can be useful for us.
  2. hello and happy new year. I tried to read the backup but the reading shows "insufficient diskette". I don't know if you saved the files correctly. If you have a full backup please let me know... regards
  3. Thank you very much. the file arrived in the spam but I downloaded it. God bless you. Happy New Year to you.
  4. thank you very much my brother. It is very kind of you.
  5. no problem. my engineer can do that.
  6. Hi Who can find me a back-up from a single store for QSS 3001? Please send it to me at faust.valery@yahoo.fr
  7. Thank you very much for sharing this idea. I think that replacing the unit and acquiring a new plate would be the solution. I will contact my supplier to place the order.
  8. By the way, this is the motherboard that we had changed. here are the photos of the one in place and the one that was replaced. they are the same.
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