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  1. It turns out it was the green AOM after all. You were right. We just could not believe it. We put a good AOM into it and it lasted 2 weeks. And we did not assume that the new AOM was bad. So after we tried everything, we put another new AOM (green) into the machine and everything is fine now. Thanks for the help! You were right all along!
  2. OK, but how to do that exactly? I don't have a upgrade version of the Noritsu software. I have ALL DATA and SERVICE DATA saved on HD. Is that it?
  3. OK, but the prints are OK after we perfomr the daily setup, only the first daily setup print is green or magenta.
  4. THANKS! I don't know the type of the laser, will try to find a photo of it and post it here. What backup do I have to load? What software can I run from HD? I can go into service mode, I know the password.
  5. Laser has been repaired 1 year ago, it should last 5 more years. And the photos are correct. What do You mean the "G leaser has not stability"? Can we return to the original question, how to do a memory reset without reinstall?
  6. There are no problems with the photos after we correct the daily setup. Only the first daily setup is wrong but not every day.
  7. We have a new Green AOM driver installed, so it's not the AOM .
  8. Hello Everyone, Sometimes the first daily setup is very green or very magenta. I would like to have a better and simpler solution than reinstalling everything from scratch. How could I erase the memory of the various components in our QSS-3211 SM minilab without reinstalling? If I don't read that setup with the colorimeter but switch off the whole system, switch it on again than the daily setup is grey and everything is OK for the whole day. Next day is sometimes grey and everything is OK, but sometimes it's not OK or at the third day it's very green or magenta again. Then I don't put it into the colorimeter but switch off everything and back on a little later and for the day eveything is fine. If I would read that daily setup then it takes 6-7 takes to correct it to grey. I know I could reinstall everything. But I don't want to. I have been told that some memory somewhere in the system needs to be erased and that can only be done with a clean reinstall. Don't want that. Is there any other way to force the deletion of that misterious memory? All helps are appreciated.
  9. I changed the scanner to another used S-2. It came with a 135/240AFC-II. Just did a light source update and it works fine. Pictures are crytal clear and sharp, no blur. We have not yet inserted other AFC-s into the scanner (like 120 or 135 slide AFC). What should I do with them? Just light source update or area registration first?
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