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  1. Go stand in the naughty corner. The bottom turn rubber may not be helping, check the bottom roller is fitted correctly the roller has a longer shaft on one end than the other, it will fit both ways but pulls the rubber off to one side, the rollers should all line up. Next overlapping and phantom paper jams are normally crossover problems, missing springs or x overs that are too stiff to turn so they click under load, check your bleach exit x over, then look at the condition of the crossover bushes and bearings.
  2. The 39 is essentially the same as a 37 but complies with the latest RoHs 2 guidelines. Their may well be part number changes like when the original RoHs came online with parts like PCBs having Rohs compliant part numbers and None compliant ones, but no info on this as yet.
  3. OK DX sensors wont stop you using the carrier it will only report it was unable to read the DX code and apply a correction if you have one. The fault yo describe is that the film loading sensor is not detecting the film leading edge that you present to the mask. It should see the film and then turn on the stepper motor to advance the film into the mask. Normally on an old unit this is the sensor that says remove the film when you have no film in the mask. Can I ask you to check the sensor numbers in AFC adjustments but you will need to first enter the daily password to get into the service mode, then various adjustments, AFC, Have you run an auto calibration and does this complete without error. take a photo of the numbers for the 135 side. is your film processor chemical good? as under processed film will not be dark enough to block the sensor. Try putting the fogged end in the mask or even a bit of black paper to block the sensor to see if the motor starts to feed.. The numbers will tell us what is going on. when the mask was stripped down to do the DX sensors you will have had to remove the small PCB mounted in the lid. its common for the Flat ribbon cable not to be connected correctly Take car its very easy to break the hinge of the connector, give it a gentle tug it should stay put. these sockets are a pain and the ribbon cable can be damaged with constant opening and closing. normally this will tell you several sensors are not working
  4. I only try to assist without selling my business. with the little information given by the original post who still hasn't added any meaningful information. I will leave it at that, For anyone asking for help, Give more detail what error number sub number what sensor is showing abnormal. We are all here to help
  5. long time on a 3101 but expect a setting in operator selections, you will have settings like feed lead paper when loading, have a look
  6. is this dirt on the leading edge, looks like dirty PSR getting into leading edge and staining. It could be that the leading edge is getting damaged, does it feel fatter, thicker than the trailing edge. The paper fibres are splitting then the PS is seeping in. Back flush the PSR so at least the PSR is clean check all X overs and rack entry guides for rough surface and clean
  7. we need more information what is the direction of paper travel? I suspect the line is across the width? if so the paper is stop starting so cleaning the belt was the first step. Its a repeated consistent banding line so it could be the subscan roller bearings, remove the belt with a gloved hand and spin the rollers listen for rough bearings or sticky points it doesn't take a lot to band. If the lines are down the print travel look at the racks on entry to P1 and P2 for any build up that can bruise the emulsion causing Plus density lines, hard to see from the one sample
  8. Sorry its not the laser glass or focal guide its classic banding your paper is stop starting, juddering, stop gives a plus density then light line. as above check your belt and bearings look for any black powder from the bearings a sign they are failing, check the belts for deposits and on the pullies. it doesn't take a lot to cause banding looking again also check the paper is going into the reverse unit correctly and the reverse unit upper roller is held open to accept the leading edge. The banding looks to be in a consistent place xx mm back from the leading edge. The upper roller is held open to receive prints by a small bearing on a black arm that rides on a cam at the back of the reverse unit. Often the black arm is broken or distorted or the plastic holding the top part breaks off the shaft its moulded on to
  9. E-4748 The AE retry-over occurred. Restart the system. If problems persist, consult your technical representative. At the time of AF, scanner correction, brightness correction, or AE (Causes of the error message) 1. Faulty harness between CCD23 and GIA23 circuit boards 2. LED light amount too large 3. Faulty CCD 1. Reconnect or replace the harness. 2. Perform Menu 0349 “LED Light Amount Adjustment”. 3. Replace the CCD unit. I suggest you reseat all cables and PCBs as a first step
  10. From the manual E-4764 The external memory of GIA circuit board is abnormal. Restart the system. If problems persist, consult your technical representative . Result of GIA23 circuit board external memory R/W was NG. (Causes of the error message) 1. Poorly inserted GIA23 circuit board into slot of GMB23 circuit board 2. Faulty GIA23 circuit board 1. Insert the circuit board into the slot correctly. 2. Replace the circuit board.
  11. You are trying to colour match quite different machines, is your 38 HD? Daily set up is different as is black balance etc. Check to see If you have any hidden corrections in either individual channels or paper setups you may have to visually determine the difference between the 2 and input the correction into paper balance to get them closer. from the samples 1 is lighter than the other anyway. when you have worked out the correction put it in all papers. Daily set up will bring it back to the same starting point each day. The 38 has a machine matching function but not the 31, better to get it as close as you can visually without going down the profiling route
  12. I'm guessing this is on glossy paper. I have had similar events on several Noritsu machines caused by the tail end of the paper sticking to the guides at the cutter end. The arm moves across with the leading edge and just before it gets to the exposure advance the paper sticks and the arm drops the leading edge. Worth a look with the door open, I have had several faults on longer prints on 37 type machines and lifting the guide with a washer is enough to stop the glossy paper sticking to the chrome plates in that area, maybe its static and a few strips of Teflon tape may help
  13. Look in AFC adjustment with the service password. look for any sensor LED light intensity at 255. These are maxed out and need to be replaced. The LEDs are on all the time the neg mask is in position and the light output gets weak with time so the machine ramps up the LED to compensate. when it gets to 255 it cannot go any further. The LED is easy to replace though you have to dismantle the mask from its rails as the LEDs are all in the bottom. Normally you don't adjust or touch the photo transistor in the hinged part (top) the DX ones are not easy to replace and I would leave those alone. Each LED is mounted on a small PCB 25mm x10mm or so. The LEDs can be replaced with standard crystal clear green LEDs I bought some from ebay. Mine were brighter and a bit of a colder green, The ones fitted are a yellow green. They worked fine but as they are brighter the mask once calibrated was down to 65 instead of the normal 80. As long as they can detect film no problem. Take care with the orientation of the LED, the PCB is marked +-
  14. This is a simple fault on box chemistry. It knows how many prints can be processed before it SHOULD run out of replenished. Yours has not run out so it will let you carry on for a while then give the error. Go into Maintenance mode Processor and input check This will show your tank levels for P1 P2-A and P2-B, I suspect 1 or more are empty with the other still showing half full. That's the one that you need to look at to ask why? The box should have all the chemicals running out at the same time. You need to check your replenisher pump outputs are correct, maybe needs new poppet valves or a pipe is blocked kinked etc. Once you think you have a reason for it not to be empty simply drain all the rep tanks, The taps are normally below the position of the replenisher box. Not the same taps for draining the main tanks. Once drained it should ask for water to be filled and a new box and the door shut. It should then do a mix as normal. If it doesn't you can make it do a mix from normally the installation screen, more info on the model would help, I'm presuming Fuji
  15. On the other side especially with the demise of lab outlets in the UK with both Asda and Boots pulling out of wet lab and film processing in particular I see a gap for those left processing film. Your arty farty film is best brigade still want to shoot film. Processing the film needs to be done correctly at a Premium price but its no good if your film processor process is poor or scratching due to lack of use. think about offering a bit more than the disposable market wants maybe a dev and digital contact sheet process, most digital labs can scan and print a contact sheet. with upwards of 400 less outlets in the market its worth a shot, start with process control, half the problems you get are due to low utilization so think about only running the machine 2 or 3 times a week rather ran it churning away day in day out turning your Dev into Guinness
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