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  1. James t

    Apex problem

    Hi. My apex isn't receiving orders form the kiosk or the front card inputs It's says when trying to put an order in via digital verify that the configure network contains a valid group code. Any advice?
  2. Thank you, have tried that and have it bang up to date though.... Its a strange one!
  3. Yes they will be. Its only if your doing a order with a few pics in it...
  4. Hi. My 6850 prints 2 pics fine, then the next 2 are all lines and mad colours. Each time 2 good, 2 bad. Have tried with kiosk and the same each time. Any ideas what might be causing this? Thanks
  5. Hi. I have a g4xl running v8. 1.2 connected to apex system. When you use the moments app, the phone connects to the machines WiFi but neither the machine laods the pics or the phone moves past the connect using WiFi page. This is the same for android and apple. Passwords are disabled. Have swapped the dongle with another that works in another kiosk. Any ideas appreciated! Thanks
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