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  1. I think this vinyl is not designed to work with toner machines. Haven't heard of C244 (maybe you have C224?). I use the C360 and I don't get good results on all types of paper.
  2. As a wholesaler, you need to contact the manufacturers directly. Possibly their European branches. Ask uncle Google!
  3. I examined the printouts one more time. In my opinion, not only is the right print greener in its shade, but it also has a significantly lower density as a whole. Not only in blacks. If both prints were made with the same density correction, then I have already encountered such a problem. The problem was caused by too slow replacement of the developer through regeneration due to insufficient processing volume of prints recently. Maybe replacing the developer with fresh one will help?
  4. Minilab service YES YOU are right! There is too much red light, or too little blue and green. As always, you are right!
  5. You irradiate negative paper. If you have a "green" shade in the shadows, then you are out of power in the red light source. ("green" is probably in reality cyan). This would mean the problem is with the red LEDs or their driver.
  6. I definitely agree with Minilab service. Do not try to disassemble the machine yourself without proper knowledge and documentation! As for head cleaning fluids, find a reliable online retailer. He will provide you with a description of the cleaning procedure and maybe he will have the chip you need, or even an entire cartredge already filled with liquid. Be aware, however, that the entire cleaning procedure will most likely be ineffective. Or it will be enough for a very short time. Collect money for a new PH and contact the service for replacement.
  7. Sorry to say it. This is definitely a hardware issue.
  8. There are special head cleaning fluids, but they only help if the cause is that the PH is dry due to long periods of non-use. I tried once, but with no effective result. IMHO It's a waste of time and work.
  9. In my opinion, the PH need to be replaced. Call your local NORITSU technician.
  10. Are the same nozzles always clogged in the PH, or different after each cleaning?
  11. It makes sense. Cloud Digital Maciej Talacha is not an authorized EPSON service center in Poland for D700 / D800 printers. They officially repair large plotters out of warranty. The stickers have been removed so that the true source of this PH cannot be checked.
  12. Maybe this PH is good after all? Have you checked?
  13. So far I have not heard of anyone having any PH issues on the D100. The printer has been on sale in Europe since fall 2019, so there is not much data yet. It is very likely that the PH should withstand those 200k prints without any problems. I've heard of the ink drain clogging off the edge of the paper from time to time. But I had no such problem myself. There was also a problem with the density of the black color related to a faulty ink lot. Here you are, here is the modern world. The Japanese release a defective batch of ink on the market from their factory located in Japan. Nobody eve
  14. We are currently using the FUJIFILM DX-100 and DE-100 printers. They look similar on the outside, but different on the inside. The FUJIFILM DX-100 (EPSON D700) is extremely prone to failure. The DE 100 is much more solid and not so delicate, it has a much better system for securing paper rolls. The color gamut in the photos is slightly different. The DX-100's colors seem more vivid, but this can only be seen directly when comparing the prints from the two devices. The DE100 has only four inks (DX100 six), but thanks to the better print head it even better renders details in the bright par
  15. Oh my! A real renaissance of traditional photography! In the past, you couldn't survive just developing the negatives and you had to process tons of paper on a printer to earn. Now here you go! New kids! But seriously. The price of the equipment depends mainly on its technical condition. And that is problematic now. Buy everything from a reliable supplier who will run everything for you and do the necessary training. It should also give you some support afterwards and at least 6 months warranty for its installation. Don't spend money without it, or you may not be able to do it yourse
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