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  1. This is just my humble opinion: Your argument is correct. After 18 years, the device cannot be expected to function like new. Your analysis and conclusion of the subject are logical, but I'm sorry to say, NOT practical. Someday you have to say end, you have to end something. Too much renovation of the old age does not make economic sense. Instead of repairing it, maybe it's better to replace it with a newer machine in better condition? Maybe it's best to switch to the FUJIFILM DE100 dry printer? In my opinion, this should be your advice to the client. Good luck!
  2. Here you are: Epson SL-D700 I/H RIGHT MAIN ASSY;CD62 ESL ASP - EPSON new p.n. 1730180 Epson SL-D700 I/H LEFT MAIN ASSY;CD62 ESL ASP - EPSON new p.n. 1730182
  3. You can try this: https://www.pixel-tech.eu/drylab-system/#about I know people who use it with satisfaction. I prefer the good old FUJIFILM MS.
  4. The only really free software I know for this printer is the windows driver.
  5. In most of the world, however, the DE100 is the better choice. In Europe for sure.
  6. I used to have a FRONTIER 330. Then the FRONTIER 340, same only with faster process CP49 v CP48. I don't think they can be split in half for transport.
  7. I think this vinyl is not designed to work with toner machines. Haven't heard of C244 (maybe you have C224?). I use the C360 and I don't get good results on all types of paper.
  8. As a wholesaler, you need to contact the manufacturers directly. Possibly their European branches. Ask uncle Google!
  9. I examined the printouts one more time. In my opinion, not only is the right print greener in its shade, but it also has a significantly lower density as a whole. Not only in blacks. If both prints were made with the same density correction, then I have already encountered such a problem. The problem was caused by too slow replacement of the developer through regeneration due to insufficient processing volume of prints recently. Maybe replacing the developer with fresh one will help?
  10. Minilab service YES YOU are right! There is too much red light, or too little blue and green. As always, you are right!
  11. You irradiate negative paper. If you have a "green" shade in the shadows, then you are out of power in the red light source. ("green" is probably in reality cyan). This would mean the problem is with the red LEDs or their driver.
  12. I definitely agree with Minilab service. Do not try to disassemble the machine yourself without proper knowledge and documentation! As for head cleaning fluids, find a reliable online retailer. He will provide you with a description of the cleaning procedure and maybe he will have the chip you need, or even an entire cartredge already filled with liquid. Be aware, however, that the entire cleaning procedure will most likely be ineffective. Or it will be enough for a very short time. Collect money for a new PH and contact the service for replacement.
  13. Sorry to say it. This is definitely a hardware issue.
  14. There are special head cleaning fluids, but they only help if the cause is that the PH is dry due to long periods of non-use. I tried once, but with no effective result. IMHO It's a waste of time and work.
  15. In my opinion, the PH need to be replaced. Call your local NORITSU technician.
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