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  1. glad to hear your problem had been fixed and we learnt from your case. Good Day to all !
  2. PM me FIRST where you bought a new J391472 FIRST and how much ??? PM me
  3. many floppy disk or even the disk is already "Dead",,, good luck
  4. China dongles are ALL version 6.6. they have different way to install .... I heard you have to read the "read me" file inside CD came with dongle , China version 6.6 can NEVER upgrade-able in the future that you have to compromise this IF you pay price low. Live with it like Omicron I heard also that [ VERY early China v6.6 works on Windows 7 only ].....& ... [ Latter China v6.6 can work on Windows 10 too ]. need someone to confirm this SEEK HELP ,,, check / ask your supplier who took your M$. his / her responsibility.
  5. your P1 temperature is not rising by P1 Heater (suppose Heatee Bad or bad Temp. control circuit )。 your P1 temperature possibly warmed up by adjacent tank heat with time .. Once paper printing ... P1 temerature / heat lost (carried away) by cold paper running through P1 tank quickly and alarm . . .. I think
  6. your P1 temperature is not rising by P1 Heater (suppose Heatee Bad or bad Temp. control circuit )。
  7. l would say light leak to first print paper when REST.
  8. davidlam


    ( Buy ) is the PAY, not praise
  9. If interest, PM me or email me davidlam@sinopromise.com, thanks and Merry Christmas to all !
  10. i have many 200W, 400W, 600W, 800W & a few 1000W (Watts) Genuine Noritsu chemical heater BRAND NEW, see below some of them ( in Hong Kong). 800W is longer one
  11. @Tomo1972... I STILL have another two pieces with me. Please PM me or email me davidlam@sinopromise.com , thanks. Above photo with 2 pcbs and pink stapler were mine too. Thank you Minilab service Sir. Merry Christmas to all !
  12. unlikely symptom is paper dependent ? ? ? if it happens on Noritsu QSS we would do RGB laser alignment.
  13. @oliphaz, what's up with your machine now ? did you find a solution ?
  14. but these Left and Right parts aren't the same between SL-D700 and DX100
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