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  1. I believe that.. qss39xx is the "FullStop" of N wet minilab model 。
  2. try ask me if you can provide Noritsu part no. or parts photo. One friend of mine has one set of QSS-1501 IDEAL in his warehouse in China
  3. A photo is better than your thousand words.
  4. i have received this A083226-01 SLIDE BOSS(1) today, see photo .
  5. I will receive one piece of this ( u$d 8 ) plastic A083226-01 next Monday from Noritsu Japan.... I ordered it to look at it and stock for future.
  6. i think it is A083227-01 Elevator Frame Assembly. Better wait for forum experts to RE-CONFIRM, please please
  7. today Japan replied that A083227-01 had been discontinued and has NO REPLACEMENT part no.... while easy-breaking A083226-01 STILL ON STOCK in Japan
  8. Kodak will discontinue service and support [& spare parts] for following products on December 31st , 2021: KODAK DL2100 DUPLEX PRINTER 230 V DL2100 DUPLEX PRINTER CABINET DL2200 printer is the replacement printer model for existing DL2100,
  9. hi all, from my parts list below .. showing their positions I highlight yellow A090076-01 Boss(1) and A083226-01 Boss(2). @Dave S Sir,,, Are they easy breaking parts ? our team is lucky we have never met the broken so far.
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