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  1. @rdz_adolfo, which country are you in ? / your DL600 is in ?
  2. better to have float balls inside the CD replenisher tank to reduce CD oxidation
  3. Agreed and yes, check all fans inside the printer and near laser unit
  4. Yes that X-Rite 890, 891 model densitometer were used before /// correct densitometer model the internal "optical reading head" of this kind of grandfather products are all "internal moulding, non-recovery or almost blind". X-rite USA & worldwide distributor had discontinued these parts long long time ago. Wish you good luck . .. . .
  5. what model ? NOT all X-rite model works on the chemical QC
  6. software or RGB curves tell the day-by-day trend but won't tell what actions need to take.... the knowledge / chemistry actions knowhow came from Kodak training to operators
  7. that Software can print you day-by-day read-in data (from X-Rite densitometer) to R-B-G graphs on graph paper,,, thus you can see RGB trends to tell what's wrong with which chemistry?
  8. kodak in 2 decades ago stil use a Kodak software that runs ONLY on [ Windows 95 ] . They never upgrade the software to run on latter windows.
  9. If it is thick O-Ring.... easy to find local compatible ... i believe
  10. From my SB-3c parts list I see the belt part no. A600646-01 looks like a thick O-Ring instead of a toothed drive belt. I don't have it. see below .
  11. @Letone I will check the BELT part no. / stock . .. BY THE WAY have you check to see if there is any text on your worn out / broken BELT . . & buy a local belt. EVENTHOUGH if I or anyone has it . . . it won't be economical justify to mail you a short belt . . .my opinion. any Gents can help finding out the Noritsu part no. of the belt in SB-3U . . . I think I have only part list for SB-3C hope belt is the same
  12. video is easier to describe how a Noritsu SB-3 works. .. better than "Operation manual " check these https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OidQ2q-ihDQ ,, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ozOSKXqRi0A and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9j5f0FcFoaI . serveral more to be found in youtube . ENJOY !
  13. REVISED - we have a member called "photocorp" from Australia who may help you
  14. My aged brain memory . . remember we have a member called "photocop" from Australia ???
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