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  1. also see this . . . Good Luck ! J390456 Power 1 PCB in stock
  2. power 1 PCB of QSS-2901 paper processor , part no. J390456 see below photo .. In stock
  3. there are all together three (Cubic shaped) stepper motors part no. N060375893 in your printer. I would suggest to swap them to isolate to see problem is "stepper motor" problem itself or problem from motor driving pcb. Good Luck !
  4. how about QSS-38 ? Is QSS-38 more similiar / more common to QSS37 and QSS39 in terms of photo sensors, power supplies and PCBs <or> QSS-38 is another completely different from QSS-37 and 39 ?
  5. had you broke a glass type thermometer and inside mercury went to the tank(s) ?
  6. Dear Sirs, one customer QSS-3302 printer (LPP-1300SD) wants to get rid of its S-2 Scanner connection to save space. Who can help how to install QSS-33 "PRO Software" to this SD machine printer to remove the Scanner physical connection ? so printer can work without Scanner Please advise... davidlam@sinopromise.com 22:09 p.m. Hong Kong Time now
  7. I found this link telling 3 & 6 baths E-6 processing. hope you get something from there https://cinestillfilm.com/blogs/news/no-compromises-cs6-3-bath-process-vs-e-6-6-bath-processing
  8. Please start a New topic as your problem is not related to this post. Start a New Topic
  9. Please start a New topic as your problem is not related to this post. Start a New Topic
  10. My reply [NO ] ! since I don't know SPANISH miltonvilla said ::: Hi, I'm from Colombia and I'm creating a group with people who have noritsu minilab. Would you like to be with us? ( hola soy de colombia y estoy creando un grupo con personas que tengan minilab noritsu, te gustaria estar con nosotros)
  11. Dear all, the strange problem had been caused by a bad laser control board <and> bad contact of 1 RAM on the image processing pcb. Problem gone with a new board replacement and RAM change, tested good so far ..
  12. Another problem photo printed . . . . . No error at all during printing
  13. problem print sample attached here
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