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  2. I can supply. please see PM I sent you
  3. For Kodak 8810 photo printer, the service manual is 124 pages
  4. aur7624 8 pages Adjustments and Replacement PDF dg7624_1 18 pages Diagnostics PDF ip7624-1 24 pages illustrated Parts list PDF I have manual and Kodak 8800 photo printer parts. my email davidlam@sinopromise.com David Lam, Hong Kong Soon or late,,,, your two [Rubber Timing Couplings ] will break due to machine age and need replacement. Good Luck !
  5. we still have some parts ( New and used ) . Free feel to ask me David Lam from Hong Kong. davidlam@sinopromise.com is my email address
  6. i have it. write me email davidlam@sinopromise.com [ a 18M pdf, 369 pages ]
  7. you need a 18M 369 pages ,the service manual pdf
  8. seller is genius it is from Photome/ KIS, France operator manual can be achieved here: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/333956696169?hash=item4dc15ec869:g:ytAAAOSw20JgdGXV 101 pages
  9. Every CD, BF & STB float switch has 6 wires and (pin 5 & 6) of the float switch connector act as [ safety thermostat ]. Dave S Sir asked you to measure the continuity between pin 5 & 6 .
  10. thank you Istvan for sharing ..
  11. see bottom right corner of below pcb photo, 3 fuses F15, F14 & F16 are there
  12. very simple answer.... IF you go CHROMIRA PRO LAB ... very few people can help from the forum
  13. also see this . . . Good Luck ! J390456 Power 1 PCB in stock
  14. power 1 PCB of QSS-2901 paper processor , part no. J390456 see below photo .. In stock
  15. there are all together three (Cubic shaped) stepper motors part no. N060375893 in your printer. I would suggest to swap them to isolate to see problem is "stepper motor" problem itself or problem from motor driving pcb. Good Luck !
  16. how about QSS-38 ? Is QSS-38 more similiar / more common to QSS37 and QSS39 in terms of photo sensors, power supplies and PCBs <or> QSS-38 is another completely different from QSS-37 and 39 ?
  17. had you broke a glass type thermometer and inside mercury went to the tank(s) ?
  18. Dear Sirs, one customer QSS-3302 printer (LPP-1300SD) wants to get rid of its S-2 Scanner connection to save space. Who can help how to install QSS-33 "PRO Software" to this SD machine printer to remove the Scanner physical connection ? so printer can work without Scanner Please advise... davidlam@sinopromise.com 22:09 p.m. Hong Kong Time now
  19. I found this link telling 3 & 6 baths E-6 processing. hope you get something from there https://cinestillfilm.com/blogs/news/no-compromises-cs6-3-bath-process-vs-e-6-6-bath-processing
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