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  1. Opps sorry I mixed up the scanner model on LS-600 one I038404-00 (5V power supply) and I038405-00 (24V power supply). Both of them need to be checked FIRST I would suggest. see below
  2. check the 24V and 36V outputs from the 2 rectangular power supply PCBs at the back of LS-600 scanner . .
  3. thank you very much for teaching
  4. I was talking different colorimeter model from their sticker on Noritsu QSS machines,,, I have no idea the Noritsu colorimeter used in Fujifilm LP7700 model
  5. I saw CS-CM1000_blank,,,, CM1000 M, N, P, Q, R or S suffix Noritsu Colorimeter unit . . . . i have no definite answer to your question but I believe so.
  6. is your "red spots" photo look similar to this ? ? ... (from my photo collection)
  7. Prior seeing your spots photo. . . I would like to place a bet your problem is "Magenta raindrops" symptom that you needs to replace your Green Laser gun. Temporary replacing a AOM Driver for Green could help / solve the symptom for a while ... later on symptom will come back again.... Would like to see your said "Red sports" photo. Happy Easter to all members . . . WEAR MASK !
  8. could be swollen Left and Right ROLLER UNIT Z009020-01 at CD Rack entrance area see this
  9. check also if you have a tight CD rack, take it out and try manually turn it with bare hand,,, also insert one leader to see the leader transport on CD rack assuming all those vertical gears are lined up properly ( the gears TIMING correct )
  10. . . The clicking area is between . . the white gear ,,, part no. A229834-01 a two layer gear the black worm gear (underneath A229834-01 ) part no. A231340-01 or a broken bearing block (holding the machine main drive shaft) part no. A230433-00
  11. I would say... 1) are Left & right Clamping solenoids working ? when you insert leader, solenoids are coming down to help the LEADER PUSH.. 2) Are square holes on leader in good shape? 3) Leader could be too soft IF THEY ARE CHINA MADE .. 4) LASTLY from video I saw "clicking gear" could be the wearing out of the horizontal black "worm gear" -AND- the clicking white gear . . . . Good Luck !
  12. what model printer is yours, DirtNation ? you said you have some printers... is error happened on more than one pinter?
  13. i am sharing someone else sharing before in minihelp.com N years ago https://drive.google.com/open?id=14sRQ-0jHNjfdK-082XWupzLG6obYf6fv QSF-430 film processor parts list thanks to Kodak_service sir
  14. Ladies and gentlemen, here you go the 120AFC-II CHINA roller KIT
  15. your new Juno Blue laser supplier has responsibility to guide you how to replace and adjustments... wish you Good luck to win this 35% chance (laser failure). Pray
  16. @Big Dave # Z021440-01 Calibration plate unit A (for QSS-2901 & 3001 ..) had been discontinued for a long time and SKY PRICE before its discontinuance... hard to find new one I can help to find new SET if EXPERTs here say it can help the color stability # what type is your QSS-2901 Colorimeter model ? CS-CM1000, CM1000M, CM1000N, Q, M, R or S type. there is a label on the hand-hold colorimeter telling that be very very careful when you open it Up for cleaning ... as the inside color filterssss will fall out easily and you may not tell which is which
  17. is original Mother board "RICOH" branded ?
  18. if you still have image on output prints although "bluish", most likely the blue laser problem which has no error in some cases. . . .my wild guess
  19. here are what they look.. i have 135, 240, 120 and for slide mount too. Thin metal sheet with cut off gaps by Lasercut. They have shinny surface but appear old and awful in below photo
  20. how blue? show us the blue photo. Printing only blue with image seen Yes / no ? Agree that blue candle could be very very weak or distinguish end of its life
  21. Which country are you jejes in ? you're looking for v30, v50 film processor . . . .and. . . . what format of focus charts (scanner adjustment chart) you are looking for ?
  22. are below two pieces of item 14) [ rubber drive Coupling ] still in good shape no breaking ?
  23. Agreed.. Jacek please keep us posted your findings.
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