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  1. Hi, I'm working with a R1 and we can only scan and print 35mm film,the other masks (120,110) are missing. Does anybody have any idea where to look for these parts? thanks a lot
  2. Hi, thanks a lot. I just bought the printer and scanner, as soon as I have some time to install them, I'll get back to you.
  3. Hi, I'm running a photolab and planning to buy a complete R1. I have a few question, maybe somebody can answer these to me in here, that would be a huge help:) is there any 120film and pocketfilm mask for the scanner as mine doesn't have it what do you think about the tabs supply? It is produced by Tetenal, but what if they stop the production? Is there any possibilities to swithch something else? is there any possibilities to somehow connect the scanner to a computer with a higher op system? I was wondering about the quality of the scanner. How is it comparing for a same age Noritsu ? Thanks guys!
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