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  1. Thank you. Do you have ez controller 7.01 ?
  2. Printer is working sir. Is this correct? (Voltage) pcb working properly?
  3. What’s the new version of ez controller for greeen2 ? I have 6.5 if anyone have new version , can you sent me ? vishovishoban@gmail.com
  4. Thank you so much sir. I solved this problem by replace this sensor (no 3).
  5. Green 2 I cleaned the sensors and print mount. But same error showing , when I print anything. solution plz
  6. If I plug the plug empty cartridge. no error message. But after print about 30 sheets ,It’s print without that color
  7. All colors a are same problem sir. Not show the “ink empty “ message if plug new ink cartridges.>——>
  8. No error sir. But. Print without that color Like this
  9. For green 2 Ink empty message not showing. but ( dark light sensor perfectly working ) help me.
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