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  1. Hi, Can anyone suggest a device to develop B&W film? We do it by hand, but amounts are growing and would like to automate. Not a lot of space in our lab for dip&dunk - are there any "leader" type solutions available?
  2. I am looking for a way to convert any of Noritsu development machines to B&W film development. Willing to spend money. Anyone done this?
  3. I have Noritsu 3701 with EZ controller(I think it was 6.x, but I will check tomorrow and from top of my head I don't remember if it was with dongle or not). Cannot find any decent info online, so I will ask the pros here. 1) is there any ez controller changelog, what is new in version 7.0? should I upgrade? 2) is there a list of devices EZ controller can control? I am thinking about Epson D700 or DNP DS620, I have Epson large format printer, Epson V750 scanner - where can I find which devices I can use with EZ controller?
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