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  1. Hello I recently received an 3501 F This is process CP49 And i received a lot of error from processing section Someone knows the correct process to install the cartidrage and values for replenishment, i dont understand very well I will aprecciate your help Thankyou
  2. I recently received a Noritsu 3501 F i understand that is a different process that the RA4 Someone could help me with the correct preparation for the initial tanks, i mean they are empty rigth now and i need to know how to fill them to start printing Also i want to know if the attached photo is the correct cartidrage to use on this equipment Thank you
  3. Hello The paper stuck between arm unit 1 and the exposure unit then the error appears I already check all sensors an recalibrate also the i/o pcb and the door mechanism Also i change all the paper supply unit because a friend send me one that is working and its the same i think is a paper tracking problem could someone help me with this?
  4. Hello I have the problem that the paper transport to the cutter, cuts and it will not feed to the exposure unit, then the error appears I already check the arcnect connection with the self checks and everythings success Also check the ligth lock door and works normally Do you have another idea?
  5. Could someone help me with this? i dont know why appears that red stripes When im trying to register a new paper
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